What Repairs Need to Be Done in a Commercial Building?

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Commercial places are known to be always busy and crowded. Even though a large crowd circulates inside, contrary to residential buildings, little do people care about the maintenance of a commercial building. As a result, they are prone to damage. This damage is often minor. However, to retain a commercial building under excellent conditions, it is mandatory to do minor building repairs and maintenance on time. To make it convenient for you, there are numerous companies for minor building upgrading work in Singapore. Your task is to pick the right one. 

When it comes to minor building repair and maintenance work, there are tasks that you cannot avoid. Below are a few of such tasks that are inescapable in commercial building repair.

1.) Change Aircon Filters 

Change Aircon Filters 

Even though it appears to be a minor inconvenience, having dirty filters makes the air conditioning of a building less efficient. It can increase the utility bills, as well as spread germs and bacteria in the air. If you are a commercial building owner, it is important to keep in mind to clean and change the aircon filters of your building on time.

2.) Replace Damaged Windows

Cracked, faded, old windows do not compliment a commercial building. They make the way for moisture to come in, as well, making the air conditioning process futile. Replacing old and broken windows not only adds a fresh look to a building but also reduces the electricity bill by enhancing the efficiency of air conditioning

3.) Repair Exterior Water Sources

Repair Exterior Water Sources

Even though many simply ignore the exterior water sources such as garden faucets, irrigation systems, pipelines, and sprinklers, it is important to keep a keen eye on them to detect damage and water leaks. Unnoticed water leaks can cost you an immensely large water bill, therefore, it is crucial to repair even slightly damaged exterior water sources.

4.) Get the Roof Inspected 

Regular roof inspections can save you from large scale repair expenses. Maintenance professionals detect roof defects such as cracked roof tiles, rusted metal sheets, faulty flashing, and clogged drains at early stages through physical inspection. It minimizes the repair costs and avoids major damage.

5.) Clean the Gutters 

Clean the Gutters 

Gutters and drains often get clogged by dirt and debris like fallen leaves. Clogged gutters and downspouts cause overspills, leaks, and water seepage during the rain. Even though it is a minor-scale maintenance task, cleaning and unclogging gutters can save you from a lot of greater inconveniences.

6.) Replace Old Doors 

Broken doors and worn-out locks neither provide adequate security nor add a pleasant look to a building. Doors that do not fit perfectly make the air conditioning ineffective as well. Replacing old and broken doors is a minor repair task, but it effortlessly enhances the security and attractiveness of your building.

7.) Check Emergency Appliances 

Check Emergency Appliances

Having well-working emergency appliances like smoke detectors is a must for commercial businesses when it comes to the safety of the people. Therefore, do not forget to get them inspected at a regular pattern.

8.) Deep Clean the Interior

As commercial places are often crowded, there’s a high chance of diseases spreading within the premises. The solution for this problem is getting a fine deep cleaning of the interior space done by professionals. Sanitizing the common breeding grounds of harmful microorganisms such as restrooms, common rooms, doorknobs, telephones, lobbies, and counters is a great way to keep your commercial spaces out of disease. 9

9.) Get Sturdy Entrance Mats

Get Sturdy Entrance Mats

It is no secret that 80% of dirt enters a commercial building through visitors’ feet, and keeping the dirt out can reduce a large chunk of cleaning costs. The solution is to lay strong entrance mats that would strap and stop germs and dirt. Ideally, matting should exist both outside and inside of your entrance. Visitors should have to step on the mat at least three times with each foot as they enter.

10.) Inspect and Repair the Plumbing 

Plumbing issues often create havoc in commercial spaces. Clogged toilets, broken faucets, leaky ceilings make a building unappealing, as well as thoroughly unhygienic. Hence, it is a must to call a professional technician to get all plumbing lines and other related components inspected to avoid such terrible situations. 

When to Call a Professional Maintenance Contractor?

Minor building repair and maintenance tasks are mandatory in commercial buildings. You may seek the services of a reliable company that provides minor building upgrading work in Singapore not only when you notice physical damage within your commercial property, but also as an obligatory regular task that is done to detect and prevent damage at early stages.

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