Challenges Freelance Writers Face

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Au Chat Kwan has been a freelance writer for years and enjoys every second of it. Yet even though he cherishes the perks of freelancing, he acknowledges that the work isn’t without its difficulties. The hard truth is that there are negatives to freelance writing which is often swept under the rug.

Instead of letting aspiring writers be caught unawares, Au Chat Kwan wishes to shed light on two common challenges freelance writers might face when starting out. Read on to learn how you can overcome these pitfalls by taking the proper precautionary measures.

Lacking Time Management

As a freelance writer, you are your own boss. There’s no set time to rise in the morning or anyone to hold you accountable as long as you hit the deadline set by the client. Such freedom can be liberating… For awhile. Many new writers will often procrastinate, awaiting the moment of inspiration before setting down for a writing session.

While that is the ideal scenario, such sparks of inspiration will only get you so far. The longer you wait, the less time you have to prepare and refine your piece before submission.

The Solution

You probably don’t want to hear this but setting yourself working hours is paramount to getting stuff done. This doesn’t have to spell the end of your halcyon days taking afternoon naps. Instead, craft a working schedule that suits your style. The importance of this practice is to build up discipline to maintain healthy working habits which in turn ensures quality content.

Difficult Clients

Freelance writers are a one-man show. This means there is no buffer between you and the client. This could potentially pave the way for a budding business relationship. For the most part, the majority of Au Chat Kwan’s clients have been respectful and understood boundaries, maintaining a professional attitude. Unfortunately, even he has come across his fair share of less than stellar clients.

From calling him in the middle of the night to haggling the price when it’s been written clearly on the site, working with them is unpleasant, to say the least.

The Solution

When it comes to rates, be sure to keep up to date with the market standard. Consider the rates based on the industry, niche, or specific client in question. Don’t sell yourself short. Do not be pressured into accepting lower payments in lieu of “exposure”. Such deceptive practices should raise some red flags as to whether you should work with said client.

State all your writing rates along with contact hours in a clear manner on your blog or site. Inform the client that the rates are non-negotiable and do not reply to inquiries outside of your set hours. You can also opt to get a business-only mobile phone to draw a clear distinction between your work and personal life.

If the client persists in their bad behaviour, it may be time to cut business ties. As long as you continue down this line of work, there will be new clients. You work hard to produce high-quality content, do not allow yourself to be undercut. 

Author Bio

Au Chat Kwan wears many hats. As a freelance writer, he dabbles in copywriting, proofreading, and picks up different writing styles often fueled by renowned authors in the likes of J.K Rowling. He recently received the critically acclaimed title of the New York Times bestselling book for his book, Fiction: A Reflection of Reality. Having worked with children to enhance their writing capabilities, he currently teaches creative writing through his online classes.

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