Custom Pink Donut Boxes: Safe the Food Item with Ecological Material

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Custom Pink donut boxes are traditional packaging in European countries because they love the iconic bubblegum pink color. These are used for famous bakery item donuts baked in various colorful creams. So, the pink color is suited to them. Also, but it doesn’t mean that our company produces only pink packaging for custom pink donut boxes.

Customization means providing the packaging with various styles and attractive color themes. The custom process is a way to stand out in the market with a distinctive identity. To customize the boxes, we work on the box’s color, font style, and logo. These things make the product a brand product. To give a specific color to the box, we use CMYK and PMS colors. Our designers mix these colors on a given rule like

  1. Two CMYK and one PMS or
  2. Two PMS and one CYMK

These combinations create an ideal color scheme for the packaging boxes. Font size also matters in the printing process. Also, we use a font that is readable and looks stylish. The logo is the name of the identity of any company. So, our designers design unique and attractive logos and put them on cases. Custom pink donut boxes are never a means to print logos, but it also printed with other information like

  • Name of company
  • Ingredients that are used in preparing
  • Usage instruction
  • Information of nutrition
  • Manufacturing
  • Expiry and issue date

Our packaging boxes have two layers of packaging: the inner and outer layers. The outer layer is the first thing that customers see. It protects the items from physical factors. The inner layer is designed with materials and processes that keep the products safe and fresh in any weather.

Custom Pink Donut Boxes Safe the Food Item with Ecological Material

An ecological word is use for such material that is environmental. Such materials are manufacture with natural materials like plants and wood leftovers. Also, the manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly and low because it needs fewer harmful chemicals. The process of ecological matter reduces carbon foot. Our company is used cardboard, corrugate, and Kraft that is 100% environmentally friendly. These materials are consider ideal for the food industry. Everyone wants safe and fresh food items, and for this aim, ecological material is handy.

Cardboard makes this aim easiest. Also, it is a lightweight box specially use for pink donut boxes because it costs less while shipping. Our customers enjoy our economical boxes and become repeat customers. The second benefit of cardboard is that it extends the shelf life of bakery items. It is safer than other boxes because its ecological nature keeps the donuts fresh and does not lose their taste. The cardboard packaging can use a maximum again in seven times, and it is also foldable and can be stored. It does not lose its durability and other natural components during storage and folding.

For perfect delivery of food items, corrugated is an ideal packing. It faces 100 degrees three times during producing corrugated material, making it bacteria and microbes free. That’s why; we can ensure our consumers that our pink donut boxes are hygienic and safe. If we compare corrugate with plastic packaging, then corrugate will be of customer’s preference because it keeps the food fresh.

Printing techniques and various types of packaging

Select the right packaging for pink donut boxes to attract the client and take place on the store’s shelves. So, but the buyers get bore with simple in the same shape as the packaging. That’s why; our designers work on the styling of boxes, and they try to introduce innovative and unique styles of hot dog packaging that are available in every shape and dimension.

Our doughnuts boxes’ demanded shapes are four corners boxes, gable auto boxes, hexagonal boxes, tray boxes, sleeve boxes, front and end tuck boxes, double wall with lid boxes, five-panel boxes, straight tuck end boxes, and display boxes.

Printing methodologies make these pink donut boxes more appealing through their magical work. The trendy techniques used by us are flexographic printing, lithe-offset printing, 3D printing, screen printing, and digital printing.

To make the donut boxes eye-catchy, we work with remarkable additional components that give 100% results like aqueous coating, PVC sheet, UV spot, stamp foiling, emboss, debus, perforation, insertion, and embellishment. Also, if you want to gift the donuts, then use our embellishment method that makes the simple box into a stylish box.

Contact us

Custom Boxes Zone stands in the market with beneficial deals on pink donut boxes. The buyers can contact us 24/7 to our team.

The window-patching pink boxes are highly demanded and eye-catchy packaging. Pink donut boxes are food packaging that provide various useful techniques like aqueous coating, PVC sheet, UV spot, stamp foiling, emboss, debus, perforation, insertion, embellishment, and miniatures.

We use our prime materials for food packaging like cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. These are beneficial for printing like flexographic, lithe-offset, 3D, screen, and digital printing. To make the surface soft and smooth, we come up with three kinds of laminations: gloss, matt, and satin. The clients can contact our team for more information. Our team is at hand 24/7.

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