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As we all know, academic writing is a growing industry worldwide. However, after the global revolution of ed-tech companies, the competition between academic writing and content creation companies has peaked. Two such rising companies reviews are MyAssignmenthelp review and Brillassignment review. Although, if we compare on a service-to-service basis, is a no match for There are multiple reasons to draw such a conclusion. Here are a few points which can clarify the differences.

1. Slow processing time

We know that the first impression is the last. Unfortunately, so is valid with these two websites’ processing or loading times. has one of the worst loading time issues in all industries. Because of this trouble, customers’ traffic constantly shifts from their end to others. Of course, you can provide as many reasonable solutions as possible, but it’s pretty hard to keep up patience if you have serious technical issues.

On the other hand, has the quickest loading and processing procedure. The credit for such fast maintenance is due to its website designers and system managers. So, a wise client you know who will value your time more.

2. Delivery issues

Though is an excellent organisation to work with, sometimes, in the past, it has failed to live up to its time commitment. As a result, students could not submit their assignments on time. Such instances earned a bad name for the company in the recent past.

In, the writers know what values the most to the clients. They are at your doorstep because they could not submit their assignments on time. The website has some of the fastest writers in the industry. They know that there are no ifs and buts if it requires today.

3. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious issue in most assignment submissions. If your final draft is detected with plagiarism, it’s in danger.

But in, it has become a pertinent issue for a long time. It’s not so that their assignments face plagiarism issues every day, but some of their projects faced serious plagiarism issues.

On, the experts follow the best plagiarism checking tools to detect plagiarism and remove them in each paragraph. The editing team’s multiple tiers of editing and checking have reached the final product to a different perfection level. So, any legit candidate seeking a final submission would choose over

4. Feedback mechanism follows one of the best feedback mechanism policies in the industry. You visit their website and open the “Write a review” tab to drop reviews on any given matter. The experts take these reviews pretty seriously and act on them as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, has a very compacted review process. There is no specific tab where the clients are asked to write a review. So, if you don’t provide rooms to criticise your work, your fall is inevitable. That’s why is way ahead of in retaining its customer base.

5. International presence

As the name suggests, is a strictly UK based company. As a result, most of its clients are from the UK or students are studying in the UK.

But is a global organisation in all senses of the term. Students from every nook and corner take their assistance and book assignment orders.

So, in this comparative analysis, we hope you reached your conclusion. Close your eyes and bank on for your next assignment.

Author bio: Ricky hardy is a Australia based writer who writes legit reviews for He loves to cook in her spare time.

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