How This “Study Drug” Can Help Boost Brain Power

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A study has shown that Phosphatidylserine is a great nootropic for increasing cognition. This substance supports the production of brain chemicals and may help entrepreneurs improve their cognition. It is currently available in supplement form and can boost cognition by boosting levels of serotonin, dopamine, and nitric oxide. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking Phosphatidylserine.


It has been used by a number of people to improve their focus and memory. The stimulant effect makes it a popular choice among emergency workers and fighter pilots. However, you should be careful if you decide to use this substance as a supplement for a sleep-deprived brain. It may do more harm than good. Read on to learn how it can help you and your business.

Modalert is a study drug used by some entrepreneurs to increase their brainpower. It works by increasing cognitive ability, expanding memory, and improving mood. This means it helps entrepreneurs stay on top of their finances, remember important tasks, and juggle their responsibilities. Small business owners can benefit from this study drug because it can regulate impulses and help them make sound decisions.

Psychedelic drugs

Psychedelic drugs are currently enjoying a moment in Silicon Valley. The late Steve Jobs famously said he had an enlightening experience after using LSD. Psychedelics have long been a staple of Burning Man, a music and art festival in Nevada, but have also crossed over to a more mainstream audience. Now, you can get the same high from psychedelics without breaking the law.

Psychedelic drugs like LSD have been shown to increase creativity and problem-solving abilities, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Imperial College of London. They found that LSD or psilocybin does not stimulate the brain as previously thought, but rather increases synchronous activity in the default mode network of the brain, which is linked to sense of self. Volunteers also report a dissolving of boundaries, while others say they felt less anxious and less agitated.


A Silicon Valley start-up called Nootrobox has a bizarre practice: its executives, including CEO Aaron Ng, go without food on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. They believe that depriving themselves of food will help them focus better. And the start-up also sponsors a fasting group on Facebook for all its employees. It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are increasingly trying to “bio hack” their brains and bodies.

Some people claim that fasting has the ability to increase catecholamine levels in the brain. These chemicals elevate happiness and confidence. They also reduce anxiety. Confidence, in turn, requires self-control, which is often lacking in young entrepreneurs. In addition, self-sabotage reduces self-esteem and willpower, leaving a person on guard all the time. The benefits of fasting are not confined to the business world, though.


Nootropic are smart drugs Modalert 200 or Modvigil 200 that improve cognitive abilities. They increase the capacity of your brain to recall information, solve complex problems, and think creatively. However, a healthy lifestyle is not always an option for entrepreneurs. This is where smart drugs come in handy. These products are formulated to work in conjunction with your daily diet and may help you achieve your goals. Read on to find out more about these supplements and how they can benefit you as an entrepreneur.

Nootropic are a reliable solution to boosting an entrepreneur’s brain. The average entrepreneur has an overwhelming workload. Throughout the day, they must make dozens of decisions. To be effective, it is important to keep your mind in pristine shape. As an entrepreneur, you must focus and think clearly, and a nootropic supplement can help you perform at your optimal level.


While cannabis is not for everyone, some people find it effective creative juices. Leon Musk and Seth Rogan are two well-known cannabis users. However, consuming cannabis at high doses can make people sleepy and doze off. The key for creative professionals is finding the right time and place to consume cannabis. Here are some tips for marijuana users:

Studies have shown that cannabis can improve the performance of a number of tasks, including those involving attention and tracking performance. They also show that cannabis can improve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Despite this, it’s important to note that the effects of marijuana on a brain aren’t consistent across all users. People with mental health conditions may have a heightened sensitivity to marijuana’s effects.

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