Medical Marijuana: Why do Parkinson’s patients use Medical Marijuana

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Parkinson’s disease is a serious condition that causes immense suffering and disability. It does not have a cure, but the treatment is focused on improving the symptoms and reducing the disease progression. When Medical Marijuana was considered as a healing agent for many symptoms, scientists began to study its effect on Parkinson’s disease. Marijuana shows incredible healing abilities, is being used to manage symptoms of many terminal and serious health conditions, and gives remarkable results in patients who have Parkinson’s disease.

However, to add Marijuana to your treatment, every patient has to complete the certification process that involves seeing a state-licensed Marijuana physician. My Florida Green is an established center in Florida with an extensive network of experienced specialists who have years of experience in administering Marijuana.

You can make an appointment by calling their offices or completing the intake form on their website. There could be some lab tests and other examinations that the physicians in My Florida Green will complete to determine if Buy Marijuana Naples treatment is safe for you. The traditional pharmacological medications used in Parkinson’s can cause adverse effects, and some patients develop resistance to the medicines. In contrast, Medical Marijuana offers a great alternative as it does not produce adverse effects if taken under the assistance of an experienced physician. It generally improves patients’ quality of life by improving sleep, appetite and reducing tremors, pain, and mental health issues.

What is Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disorder is a neurological disorder that affects movement that starts gradually and slowly as mild tremors. One of the earliest and common symptoms of PD is tremors, stiffness, and slowing down of movement leading to disability as the condition worsens. Patients with Parkinson’s can also encounter a wide range of several physical. And psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety, loss of smell, problems with memory and balance, and sleep issues. The symptom includes very slight hand tremors and stiffness, among others. Bradykinesia, one of the early symptoms in many people, causes muscle stiffness, making it more difficult for people to move and perform daily activities as they could before.

It is a progressive neurological disorder that starts slowly and eventually affects how someone moves, speaks, and writes. It causes significant disability and makes it difficult for the person to carry out any daily activity. If you are facing such symptoms of PD, you can reach out to experts in My Florida Green. They will evaluate your condition and will ensure you get the best Marijuana prescription that will give you maximum benefits.

How does Medical Marijuana help in Parkinson’s Disease

Marijuana offers benefits to many medical conditions through the activities of the cannabinoids, CBD and THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoids, and it has a remarkable ability to reduce the onset, duration, and severity of tremors. THC is the psychoactive element, which offers relief from pain, improves sleep and many other symptoms. THC exhibits its effect by interacting with the cannabinoid type 1 receptor found in the Central Nervous. System and the Cannabinoid type 2 receptor found in the immune system cells. Hence, improving the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Any adverse effect that Marijuana treatment might give will be mitigated as the physicians in My Florida Green will continuously monitor your reaction to the treatment. All research on Marijuana and Parkinson’s disease ensures patients have an improved quality of life to continue with their daily activities. Symptoms like rigidity, tremor, pain and bradykinesia are reduced as well. When few patients diagnosed with the disease received the treatment, they reported improved sleep patterns and appetite. Another obvious advantage commonly reported by individuals taking Get Marijuana card Bonita Springs near me is the calmness of tremors and dyskinesia. It also improved their memory, and mood and energized them for their daily activities.

Some patients with PD acknowledge they feel depressed at times; it happens to about 50% of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Your physician in My Florida Green clinic might ask questions that will identify if you have the symptoms. If you don’t have it or manage the feeling, Medical Marijuana will help regulate your mood and behavior. You might have heard how Marijuana commonly influences the endocannabinoid system; it improves mood and behavior disorders through that system. There are also positive testimonies from patients about its effect on depression.

Which Marijuana Product is Best for Parkinsons’ Disease

The key to a successful Marijuana treatment is in the Marijuana product that you are taking. If you liaise with physicians in My Florida Green, they will recommend a Marijuana product. After a detailed and careful observation of your health and severity of symptoms. They will also ensure that you do not experience any adverse effects. They will start you on a low dosage and watch your body’s responses to it before increasing it slowly. You are advise not to take Marijuana products without the guidance of experience physicians. Adding Cannabis without an expert’s advice might do more harm than good.

My Florida Green has established centers in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg that are helping qualified patients complete Marijuana certification to get a Medical Marijuana Card. Reach out to their experts today and start your Marijuana journey.

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