Reasons People Opt for Plant-based

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Upon browsing the selections from the local grocery store, you may be able to notice that there are now more selections and products that are plant-based. There are even fast food chains, restaurants, and even coffee shops who have opted to include plant-based alternative meals in their menu.

best Vegetarian restaurants

This is probably due to the increasing number of vegetarians, vegans, or people who yearn for plant-based meals in general. In Hong Kong alone, statistics have shown a large increase in the number of the vegetarian population. The statistics have shown that there were only about 350,000 vegetarians in Hong Kong in 2008. However, by the year 2014, the number of vegetarians increased to a whopping 1.6 million people. To make things clearer, in a total of 6 years, the number of vegetarians in the special administrative region increased by about 1,250,000 people.

With the increasing number of people opting for plant-based, you may wonder their probable reasons. With this, here are some reasons on why people opt for plant-based food.

  1. Health

There are numerous diseases linked with eating meat due to the high amount of fat and cholesterol consumed by the body. Sticking to a vegetarian diet will greatly contribute in minimizing risks for heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. This is because the body will absorb more fiber and antioxidants rather than fats and cholesterol. This means that the likelihood of developing certain diseases will be lower.

  1. Losing Weight

Fruits and vegetables are generally lower in calories compared to meat. This allows an individual to feel fuller while consuming lesser calories. In addition, fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in fiber. This means that consistent consumption can aid the body in digestion. Furthermore, meat consists of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. In the long run, these unhealthy fats can cause excess weight due to long-term ingestion.

  1. Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Livestock are oftentimes injected with antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals in order to extend their shelf life and to ensure that the livestock is prevented from contacting deadly diseases. These usually concentrate on the fatty flesh of the livestock. These, in the long run, can have a negative effect on the health of consumers.

  1. Love for Animals

There are people who treasure the lives of each and every animal. For these people, killing the animals for consumption goes beyond what they believe is morally correct. With this, there are some people who opt to become vegetarians due to compassion to these animals. They create a kinder society where in the protection of animals is part of morality. Unfortunately, in the livestock farms and in other industries, issues on animal cruelty are still a major concern.

  1. Environmental Effort

Studies have shown that the consumption of meat has a greater environmental impact compared to other technological advances. This is because there is a great amount of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide gases that are released into the atmosphere from livestock. With this, switching to a plant-based diet entails that there will be less demand for meat and eventually, fewer livestock will be needed for consumption.

With the way things are going, more vegetarian restaurants are opening up in Hong Kong. It is now easier to have a taste of plant-based meals. With this, let’s stroll along the streets and find the best vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong.

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