Can I Give Kratom to My Pet Dog?

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We love our pets like our babies. We want the best for them. No wonder, having discovered the wonderful effects of the kratom herb, you may want to give it to your canine friend. After all, you want your dog, too, to enjoy life! 


However, before you excitedly order kratom in North Dakota for your dog, remember that, so far, there hasn’t been any established research that suggests kratom is safe for dogs.


Dogs have the same brain receptors like us!

Although dogs contain the same mu, kappa, and delta receptors in their brains like us, it still can be dangerous. 


Yes, dogs want energy too. They want to relax, be happy, and sleep well. 


Yet, they can do all this without kratom! 


Give them their favorite food, play with them, treat them after every training achievement, and spend time with them – they will be on cloud nine naturally! 


Dogs, too, suffer from anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, and other such problems, but there is a reason for such behavioral issues. It is better to find the reason and work upon them rather than give them kratom for mood or sleep or energy. The herb hasn’t been tested for safety for them. 


Challenges in giving kratom to dogs



The first challenge is the dose. How will you decide the dose? Suppose you give your dog one of the best-selling products like Super Green Indo Kratom Powder. You mix the powder in this food and he slurps it. 


Now, you observe your dog. Is he high in activity? Or is he as normal as before? Or is he feeling drowsy? 


It’s easier said than done. Your dog cannot tell you exactly how he feels after taking kratom. You rely only on your observation, which may not always be accurate. 


What if he gets an upset stomach? 



Due to the fact that dogs have the same brain receptors like us, there is a possibility for them to develop tolerance. This can be dangerous for your dog. If you give kratom daily to him, he may develop a liking. Now, he won’t take his food until it has kratom in it. 


Gradually, he may develop tolerance. He may throw tantrums when he doesn’t feel the same way he felt before taking kratom. You will be compelled to give him more Kratom powder to make him eat. Kratom in extra high doses is not recommended. 


Kratom is related to coffee

The fact that kratom is a close relative of coffee makes it risky to give to dogs. This is because coffee and chocolates contain similar alkaloids. Kratom, being a relative, may contain the same alkaloids too. Chocolate is poison for dogs. So, the presence of certain alkaloids in kratom can be poisonous too. 


What suits you may or may not suit your dog

Something that works well for one mammal may not always work well for another. For example, penicillin is effective in humans; but is harmful to guinea pigs. 


So, search for “kratom near me” and better to enjoy kratom for yourselves as of now. Your dog needs no kratom. It needs you. 

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