Effective Tips For Sequencing Your Yoga Poses

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If you just started your yoga lessons Avalon, you should put together a routine that is both effective and satisfying. This will depend on your needs and mood. If you are down and need some motivation or if you are too wired and want to dial it back a little bit: if you suffer from an ailment or an injury or you feel like you are acting goofy then you can sequence your poses accordingly. You will make rules for yourself and no one will compel you to do anything. Here are some tips for sequencing your poses.

Step 1

You should start by writing a list of your favourite yoga poses. If you do not know the original Sanskrit name of a yoga pose, you can use the English translation. You should make up a description and a name that makes sense to you. You should then personalise it so that you can remember the name of the pose and how to do it. You should also write down the benefits of the pose.

Step 2

Now you should sort the yoga poses into various categories such as forward bends, standing poses, inversions, backbends, restoratives, arm balances and twists. You could drill down into categories for your glutes, core, or leg muscles for ailments such as headaches, colds, or PMS.

You need to ensure you incorporate poses into each of these categories for a well-balanced selection for yoga near me. Do not forget to include Sun salutations. This is an eight-pose series that is strung together and done in coordination with your breath. It is a very effective warm-up before you start longer yoga sessions or can do as a stand-alone routine when you did not have much time to do full sessions.

Step 3

You should start every practice with Pranayama. This is a yogic breathing technique. Whether you plan to indulge in an hour-long yoga session on a weekend or you only have fifteen minutes in the morning before getting dressed for work, calming your breath before you start is very important. You should sit in a quiet spot in your home and focus on your exhalations and inhalations for up to 5 mins.

Step 4

You should decide whether you want an invigorating workout where you would start with Sun salutations and advance to standing poses such as the warrior series, Lord of the Dance, Triangle and Half-moon pose. You should follow strength-building standing yoga poses with backbends such as arm-balancing and locust poses such as the crane. If you find that a gentler practice is beckoning then do seated yoga poses such as reclining and head to knee poses.

Step 5

This is the final step for sequencing your yoga poses for Yoga lessons Avalon. With this step, you should ensure you end every yoga session with a Corpse pose or Savana. Lie on your yoga mat with your head, limbs, mouth and neck completely relaxed. Now breathe deeply as you absorb the benefits of the practice you build.

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