How to Manage Coupons for New Businesses

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If you run your own business, you know that saving money is important, and there are a few ways better to save money than with coupons. However, many new businesses have some trouble with coupons. You might not know where to get them or how to use coupon management software or why you should even use them. Fortunately, this guide will help you with all of these issues and more! It’s time to learn about managing coupons in new businesses!

What Are Coupons?

The first thing you should know about coupons is that it’s important to understand what they are. Many people think of coupons as just free money or something that can get them a good deal. If you’re new to running a business, however, you should also realize that coupon use in your business can greatly affect your bottom line.

When it comes down to it, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! You need to know how and when to use coupons, how not using them can cost you both time and money, and how having too many coupons in circulation can result in less profit for your business overall.

How to Set up Coupons

Setting up coupons is one of those things that’s a bit different depending on what you want your coupons to do. The best way I can think of describing how to manage coupons is by telling you how I do it—then, hopefully, you can use these instructions as a template for your business and modify them appropriately.

As a photographer who does family portraits and senior pictures, I have clients come in all year round—so when someone schedules an appointment with me for October 2014, I have no idea if they’re going to be interested in paying me $60 or $600 (or anywhere in between). So because my potential revenue stream varies so much based on who comes into my studio, I set my coupon at $100 off any portrait package.

How They Affect Sales

If your business is based on promotions, coupons can definitely affect sales. However, you want to make sure that you don’t get coupon fatigue and anger your customers by offering too many discounts or one right after another. If a customer makes a purchase with a coupon but doesn’t feel like they got their money’s worth, they will be more inclined to not buy again.

In addition, if there are competing businesses in your area that are using coupons as well and you have never offered coupons before, customers may decide not to make purchases from you since there isn’t anything special about what you offer versus your competitors.

Tips and Tricks

It’s tempting to use coupons because they can save you a bundle, but it’s also important not to use too many in your new business. Coupons should be used sparingly and strategically so that you can make sure your business does well over time.

If you feel that a deal is no longer working out for your business or if you have multiple options to choose from, take a step back and decide how each coupon is helping or hurting your bottom line before making a move. A bad deal doesn’t always mean failure – sometimes it’s just an opportunity in disguise.

The Best Ways to Manage Your Coupons

Inevitably, business owners look for ways to save money on operating costs. More often than not, coupons help with these types of expenses. However, if you’re not careful in how you use them, they can wind up costing you more money in additional costs that outweigh their usefulness. So how do you make sure your coupons are helping and not hurting?

The best way is by keeping track of all your coupon purchases from day one and making sure any additional costs don’t exceed what you’re saving. For example, say a product that normally sells for $4 is offered at 50% off with a coupon. You would expect that purchase to cost $2 but what if shipping bumps it up by another $1?


Decide how you’re going to manage your coupons. If you’re worried about your cash flow, it may be wise to wait until your business is up and running (and profitable) before adding coupons. You can also choose a coupon management software that will help you keep track of all of them in one place, like CashStar or Groupon’s own advertising tool. In some cases, local businesses will have difficulty competing with online stores; sometimes it might make sense not to offer any coupons at all.

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