Inhalant Addiction: More Dangerous Than Other Drugs?

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Short and Long-Term Effects of Inhalant Drugs

You may have never imagined that a harmless-looking paint thinner or cleaning solution can make you an addict! These are inhalants, which include a wide range of domestic and industrial-use chemicals. A large number of people love to inhale their fumes or breathe in the gases to get a “high.” Can you imagine that? 


Young people are more prone to inhalant addiction. They like the euphoric feeling these inhalants produce. 


More dangerous than drugs

Inhalants may seem harmless, but, according to medical experts, they are more dangerous than drugs! The very fact that they are inhaled makes them dangerous. The toxic chemicals quickly enter the bloodstream and go directly to the brain, causing a chemical stir. 


If you inhale them excessively in one go, you may feel dizzy or even faint. 


Inhalants can make you reach the peak of high after where there is nothing but danger. It is very easy to overdose. 


Inhaling these chemicals is like standing at the edge of a cliff. You can easily fall off with just one extra step. 


How do inhalants work?

Inhalants are depressants. This means they suppress the functioning of the central nervous system. They work similarly to alcohol. They slow down brain activity and make you feel relaxed and calm. You feel like “floating in the air” with no worries about the world. 


This is a great feeling, but, alas, if it comes through inhalants, then you need rehab, not a pat on the back! 


Excessive use of inhalants can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, delusions, and hallucinations. 


These require medical intervention. 


Who is more prone to using inhalants? 

It is found that kids aged 5-6 years use inhalants, and so do teenagers. Males use inhalants more than females. 


Inhalant abuse is more commonly found in people living in poverty, those with a criminal tendency, those with a history of abuse or family violence, or co-occurring mental issues like depression. 


Inhalants seem to be a good option when you wish to escape from some pain, either physical or emotional. This is because they give you a high, which makes you happy and transports you to another world. 


If you notice anybody around you, whether a kid or an adult, displaying weird behavior like inhaling some cloth or so on, please call the hotline for addiction


Timely treatment can help a person overcome their addiction and restore their life back to track. 


Withdrawing from inhalants 

If you have sniffed a gas once or twice, it is possible to go off it on your own. With a little extra willpower and determination, you can stop inhaling. Simply throw the container out of the house or tell your friend to hide it. 


However, people who have gone past the early stage find it difficult to withdraw because their brains have gotten used to it. 


In this case, you may need expert help. Stopping to inhale all of a sudden can cause problems. Oregon drug rehab center is known to help inhalant addicts become sober again. Depending on your degree of addiction, it may take a few weeks or months for complete recovery. 

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