Most Common Dental Emergencies and prevention tips

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There are so many dental problems that can lead to an emergency such as broken teeth, tooth decay or severe gum diseases. Maintaining good oral hygiene can significantly reduce the chance of emergency events but in case it happens, find the best emergency dentist Wimbledon to prevent long-term harm.

Quick, instant response in dental emergencies can prevent and decrease long term harm and can help you to gain healthy teeth in a shorter time.


Pain always is a sign of a problem. Toothache can have a variety of reasons such as dental cavities. Most of the tooth pain can manage without emergency care but in some cases, a certain symptom such as swelling required immediate attention.

Over counter pain killers such as aspirin and acetaminophen can reduce the pain but in some cases, it can contact afflicted gums and increase tissue burns. So in this situation instead of using pain killers, use a cold compress to reduce the pain and after that call an emergency dentist Wimbledon.

Your dentist will help you to increase the pain and also try to emphasize the basics of dental care to prevent and reduce the chance of dental cavities again.

Broken tooth

Have you ever bitten down too hard on something or experienced an accident that leads you to a broken tooth? It is so hard to handle, we know it, but relax, wash your mouth with warm water to reduce the chance of infection in your mouth. It would be better if you place a piece of sterilized piece of gauze over the bleeding area. By doing this, bleeding stops and dental tissues start to relax and relieve discomfort. Applying a cold compress on your face, near the broken teeth can really be helpful.

Your dentist may suggest you avoid biting or eating food for hours. Please avoid applying home remedies or pain killers on your broken teeth, it may cause more difficulties for you.

Knocked-out tooth

It happens usually in fights and accidents. If it happens to you, pick up your teeth as soon as possible, clean them with water if it is not clear. Use a cold compress to stop bleeding in your mouth. Scrubbing or removing connected tissues in your mouth should be avoided.

Depending on your dental condition and the knocked-out tooth, your dental emergency doctor may be able to replace knocked out tooth in its place. But remember to keep knocked out teeth in a calcium-based liquid such as milk or a cup of water with a pinch of salt to keep it alive for transplanting. The ideal time for these steps is one hour after a dental emergency, so go to the emergency facilities, as soon as possible.

The sooner you can visit the dental emergency clinic, there is a greater chance of recovering knocked out tooth for you.

Lost filling or crown

Dental Crowns and tooth fillings are usually used to repair previously damaged teeth or decay to return them to their former appearance and function. So, if they break in suddenly, you must treat them immediately to avoid further injury or reinfection in your mouth. if your dentist did his job very well in the first steps or you notice aftercare tips for dental crowns, it couldn’t happen but if it happened, it is a dental emergency.

Try this temporary fix while you wait for emergency dental care, this can help you if you don’t have access to dental emergency facilities. Insert a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity and hole to avoid hurting the tooth, but do not try to heal it yourself. You can also bring the restoration to your dentist’s office to be replaced with a new crown.

Broken dental braces

Braces are comprised of very sturdy metal wires and brackets that are intended to withstand normal wear and tear from biting, chewing, and even talking. Nonetheless, they have the ability to break or stick out, puncturing your cheeks and gums. That is the reason we recommend Invisalign treatments to mild cases. This not only causes discomfort, but it can also hinder or even reverse progress toward teeth alignment and straightening.

If this happens and your bracket or wires of dental braces are broken, consider shifting the damaged wire to a more comfortable position to prevent further damages to your teeth and cheek. If this isn’t possible, cover the exposed end with orthodontic wax or a piece of gauze. No matter how uncomfortable it is, do not cut the wire until you visit the dental emergency clinic.

Gum abscess

Infection in your mouth can threaten different parts of your mouth. if it happens near the tooth roots, it can make a serious problem for you. Gum tissues and surrounding teeth can be infected if it stays untreated. If you are not sure about the abscess, call us at SW19 and make an appointment to decrease infection in your mouth.

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