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Now, here we will be going to discuss some basic terms and types of the FSSSAI Return to have complete knowledge rather than the half-knowledge, so continuing the content  I will mention the various types of forms that protect you from any misconception.          

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Basically, there are three main kinds of annual returns under the FSSAI that any business person should fill.

  1. FSSAI Annual Return
  2. Annual Return Form D1
  3. Half Yearly Return Form D2

Let us discuss it one by one in detail. 


This form is mainly prescribed by the Food Safety Commissioner. It is mandatory for those who operate the food business at every financial year i.e., before 31st May and 31st may is the last to fill this form.  They have to fill with full details regarding their food business, such as the type of business, turnover, and areas cover. 


FSSAI Form D2 is filled Half-yearly, it is not mandatory for every businessperson that operates the business. But those who are involved in the field of manufacturing and distribution should fill it on time and the rest are free to ignore this Form.

This form can be filled in either of the date limit. The filling date starts from 1st April and lasts until 30th September and also second form filling date begins from 1st October and Lasts until 31st March of every financial year.


Many of the people are free to avoid the FSSAI Annual return, even they are involved in the food processing sector. Those who run the Fast Food Joint, Restaurant, Canteen, and Grocery Stores are free and they have no boundation to fill the FSSAI annual return anyhow. 

But if they have a business of more than 12 lakh then there might be a compulsion to fill the form.


Yes, the penalty can remind the importance of following the rules and regulations regulated by the government under the FSSAI.

According to the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, if any business person gets late for filling the annual return, then he or she has to pay the penalty of 100 Rupees at the rate of every day till the date of submission of the annual form.

In another word, if we will not pay the Annual return on the given time limit then we will have to pay a fine of 100 Rupees every day. For example, if we get late for a week then we have to pay 700Rs as a fine. That’s why filling the Annual return is very much important after the registration for the FSSAI License.


This is the basic information that could be kept in the mind of one who wants to start his or her business in the Food sector in India. This Act was introduced to minimize the activities related to fraud and cheating in the food industry and ensure that everyone can get the food at a convenient price with the best quality. 

Our life is very valuable for us, and to make it healthy, the quality of food should be checked at various levels. FSSAI Annual return makes it easy to ensure. Even for every food product that we purchase from the shop in India, we always ensure that it must contain the FSSAI mark on it.

Even if anyone doing the business it should be mandatory to fill the FSSAI license and have a secure business, FSSAI will not only allow us to business but also protect us from the various unfortunate activities that can be done by some other business person to sell any unhealthy product in the market. 

Here now I would like to conclude my content with some strong motivational lines so that we can get the real moto of the FSSAI License and Annual return filling. In India, like a developing country, everyone wants to get success in life and for that people sometimes take the wrong track in life and consequences to that the common have to bear all the results, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India had managed these responsibilities after it’s the introduction. It had ensured that nobody can cheat the common citizen of India in terms of health-related items. Businessman in the field of food manufacturing cannot sell their product without having the FSSAI permission on their products. But if they do so, then it is totally illegal and comes under the crime.

Last but not least, Vivekanand quote that “We must keep a strict eye on our health; let everything else subordinated to that”. So it is not only the responsibility of the government but also we should intake good quality food to maintain our health, for that, we must check the product having the FSSAI mark on it and not forget to check manufacturing date as well expiry date also.

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