What Makes Singapura And Bengal Cats Interesting Pets?

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Singapura And Bengal Cats

Interested to be a fur parent to extraordinary cats? Well, why not? No one can blame you for adoring Singapura and Bengal cats breeds that look nothing close to ordinary.

Singapura and Bengal cats are some of those felines that are unusually beautiful. Want to know more about them? Here is some helpful info:

Bengal Cats

These felines come with an astonishing fur coat completed by their leopard-like markings. They have unique facial features as a result of their being a hybrid of an Asian jungle cat and a domestic cat. Bengal cats are playful, intelligent, loyal, and attention-seekers. These felines can live long with you for around 10 to 16 years.

Singapura Cats

This cat breed is considered the tiniest domesticated cat. Why? A Singapura cat only weighs about 4 to 8 pounds depending on sex.  These felines have a silky, smooth fur coat and a pair of big, amber eyes. Singapura cats are energetic, assertive, intelligent, and powerful.

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