Pothos Poisoning In Cats

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Did you know that houseplants are a common cause of poisoning in our feline friends? Many popular plants are toxic to kitties. One that many of you may have in your home is the pothos, which is also called Devil’s ivy, Devil vine, Taro vine, or golden pothos.

The issue here is that the plant contains tiny crystals, which are released into your pet’s mouth when she chews the leaves. These crystals cause severe burning and pain in your pet’s mouth and throat, and can cause painful stomach upsets as well. Although most cats do recover, ingesting some of these plants can be very painful.

It’s worth noting that this plant is part of the Araceae family, which also includes oleanders and philodendrons. These other plants have similar effects on cats, and should also be considered toxic. You can learn more about safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA site online.

If you know or suspect that your kitty has eaten pothos, contact your vets Brampton, ON right away.

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