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Attracting new followers is a priority for every rising Instagram brand, but what if you get stuck in the process and your order simply doesn’t grow? One solution to growing your followers on a social network is to make sure you show up on Search. This article provides tips to help you find your search.

What is Instagram Search?

The search is part of the Explore tab, which you can access by tapping the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen. The top bar helps you find new ones to follow, and you can search for accounts, tags, and places.

According to Instagram, the search results you see are based on several factors, including the accounts you follow, your engagement with them, and the photos and videos you like on Instagram. The social app uses its algorithm that works behind the scenes to bring you the most relevant and accurate results.

With that in mind, if you want to start using Instagram search to your advantage to reach your target audience, focus on improving your Instagram profile in a way that helps you find it more often on Instagram search.

1. Use the appropriate Instagram handle

It would be quite inefficient if your company tried to sell wines under your name, for example, or in some irrelevant way. Instead, a better option would be to use your brand name alongside a specific business area or related keywords. In the case of wine, it could be a drink or enjoyment.

If you’ve already chosen your Instagram handle, don’t worry – you can change it pretty easily. See our tutorial to see how to change your Instagram username.

A proper Instagram handle increases your chances of finding people who use broad-matched keywords like wine to find new interesting businesses that focus on their interests.

2. Enter the correct keywords in the title field

Your profile name field is searchable, so it should be optimized by adding keywords related to your brand. For example, if you sell organic cosmetics (skin care products), these two keywords should be included in the name field of your profile. We have attached below a few pertinent examples.

Remember that your Instagram name is not the same as your username (or handle).top ten sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada  You can change it by going to your profile on Instagram and pressing the Edit button just below. From there, you can edit your name field.  The idea is to help new users find your page faster and to achieve this, you should use keywords that effortlessly define your brand. However, make sure that the description is not too long, as the name field can only contain 30 characters.

3. Optimize your image using hashtags and keywords

The description will appear when someone searches for a brand like yours, so it can help them decide whether to click on your profile. For this reason, you must ensure that you edit this part of your profile accordingly.

In addition to keywords, you can also use hashtags (and links) here to make sure your profile appears when someone searches for a relevant hashtag. You have 150 characters available to complete your biography.

To make it easier for people to find you, we recommend that you also add a business class so that potential Followers can quickly distinguish between your brand and another brand using a similar naming scheme. To do so, go to your profile and press the Edit button. Scroll down until you find the Category section, tap it, and select a niche. Make sure you turn on the Display with the profile option at the top.

Hashtags are essential to make your Instagram posts and stories more searchable. Used properly, they can build communities and attract like-minded people to your profile. Instagram users can search for hashtags in Search, and the results will appear at the top pole as well Tags, doubling your chances of being found.

Some favor more hashtags, while others see a minimalist approach as an

indicator of more reliable self-classification. Depending on your Instagram marketing goals, you can use more or less. Just remember that more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Hashtag types

  • Branded hashtags– Branded hashtags highlight your business and help you build a community around your business. This type of hashtag can be anything – the name of the product line, the name of your company, or the slogan you developed.
  • Product and service hashtags– These hashtags should be used to target users looking for a specific type of product, such as # summer dress, # ice cream bowls, and so on.
  • Industry niche hashtags– these can be used to indicate your specific niche and should be narrower than the hashtags of your product and service. For example, #handmade candles or #vanu.
  • Campaign hashtags– If you’re running a gift or other sponsored campaign, it makes sense to add hashtags to emphasize this aspect.
  • Trending hashtags– These are time-sensitive hashtags relat
  • ed to current (seasonal) events or relevant trends, so using them may pay more attention to your posts. Examples are # sustainable development, #BLM, #Christmas, and more.

Remember that you can also add hashtags to your stories. Best site to buy Instagram followers likes in Canada They can be styled, placed with a sticker or text, and placed directly into the story, On Instagram, you can add up to 10 hashtags, although using all of them can make your story look confusing. Nonetheless, using hashtags in your stories is a great way to increase the visibility of your profile, so don’t forget to sprinkle them.

5. Add a location tag to all your messages

Adding location tags makes your post easier to find when people search for that location on the Places tab in Search. Here they can find content related to a specific place. Therefore, you can improve your chances of getting more impressions by adding a location to all your posts.

While it was previously possible to find a story using location tags, it doesn’t seem to be anymore. You can still add a location to your stories, but that probably won’t have much of an impact.

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