Why dogs need food supplements?

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If one has a pet dog at home, then they need to consider about adding prebiotics and probiotics in their daily diet program. In dogs, gut is the true gateway to health. If one has a healthy gut then they have a positive impact on their overall health.

A dog’s gut is a long tube that starts from the mouth and end at the anus. It also includes organs like stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine. The dog’s immunity is determined by the health of this long hollow pipe which helps the dog to digest its food. There is millions of yeast and bacteria reside in the gut of the dog and they are known as microbiome. In order to keep them healthy, food supplements for dogs are often used.

Role of a gut microbiome in dogs

This can help in digestion especially the non digestible fibres. These bacteria can break down the fibre through fermentation and also produce short chain fatty acids in this process. These fatty acids are further utilised by the body for other functions. They produce food for the cells which can make up the internal lining of the colon. So, the gut microbiome helps in maintaining the mucosal gut lining. Another important function of the gut microbiome is maintaining the immunity system by communicating with the immune cells. That is how the body reacts to any infection. Gut bacteria can also keep away the antigens which can enter the body through various routes.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics refer to live bacteria or yeasts that are found naturally in the gut and they are helpful if they are fed to the dogs in right quantity.  One can feed them to the dogs as live strains, or as fermented food rich to these gut bacteria. Yogurt is considered to be a probiotics food that is mostly rich in lactobacillius. They can also be bought as supplements of beneficial bacteria or yeast from the medical shops.

While probiotics can refer to beneficial bacteria, they are the foods that promote the growth of the gut microbiome. Prebiotics are something that the dog cannot digest.

Why they are needed for dogs?

All nutrients are added through food supplements for dogs in Hyderabad. The gut microbiome level can be depleted sometimes because of gastric and other health issues. Dogs keep licking the surfaces and grounds and so they can invite common pathogens through their mouth anytime. So, in order to maintain a healthy gut, supplementing the dogs sometimes with probiotics can be of great help.

Probiotics as mentioned above are living microorganisms. They can be provided to the dogs with the help of digestive supplements. When a dog is suffering from stomach aches or constipation then these dog food supplements can make their health better. Most of them are lactic acid probiotics. They are made from fermented milk. There are healthy probiotics yeasts as well. One can use them if the dog is having some sort of digestive issues. It can provide immediate relief.


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