Window Cleaning Made Easy Even In The Sun

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Streak-free windows without streaks, deposits or fingerprints – that remains a pipe dream for many. What initially looks clean reveals its dirty little secret at the latest with the first ray of sunshine. Proper window cleaning is not that difficult.

Most streaks are caused by old Vinduespudser residues that have settled on the material. Sometimes even from previous years. It is important to remove these residues with a lot of patience and clear water. Once this has been done, you can only clean your windows with water and, if necessary, a little washing-up liquid.

You should also avoid direct sunlight while cleaning windows. Otherwise the water dries too quickly and stains appear. It is better to take advantage of mild temperatures and an overcast day or a time of day when the windows are still in the shade.

Clean windows without leaving streaks

It’s the same every spring: you look out the window and see the dull, dirty panes – the windows need to be cleaned. All the more annoying when the first rays of sunshine peek through the clouds after a hard day’s work and reveal unsightly stripes and streaks on the glass. Despite all the effort, it is often not possible to clean the windows without leaving streaks. Why is that? In most cases, this is old residue from cleaning agents that has not been thoroughly removed, or the cleaning water has not been changed often enough.

In order to get the windows really flawless, you should remove as many remnants of Tennis Livescores previous agents as possible. Our brief instructions will tell you how to proceed and why you shouldn’t clean windows when it’s sunny.

Instructions: Clean windows without leaving streaks

What you need

  • Handfeger
  • Bucket of water
  • Clean sponge
  • Squeegee or chamois leather
  • Microfiber cloth
  • If necessary, washing-up liquid or glass cleaner

This is how it works: Instructions in 7 steps

  • First, remove coarse dirt from the window frame and the window sill with a hand brush.
  • Prepare a bucket of lukewarm water. Then use a sponge to wash the frame and window sill thoroughly with plenty of water. It is best to soak stubborn stains beforehand or use a little washing-up liquid to help.
  • Dry the window frame and sill carefully so that no more water runs over the pane.
  • Change the water and clean the sponge thoroughly. If necessary, you can also use a new one. The glass is usually easier to clean with a splash of glass cleaner or washing-up liquid.
  • Clean the pane from top to bottom in a snake-like motion so that the dirt is removed evenly.
  • You can then wipe off the wetness with a chamois leather or use a squeegee. Remember to work from left to right, wiping the rubber blade dry after each pull.
  • Finally, dry the corners with a microfiber cloth. You can also use it to polish off smaller residues.

Tip from the pro: Never clean your windows in direct sunlight. The cleaning water evaporates too quickly and leaves behind the unloved streaks. Better is a warm but overcast day or shaded windows.


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