Couch Deterrents For Dogs

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Couch Deterrents For Dogs

Sometimes, it takes an entire household to train dogs. Especially when the training involves correcting behavior that has long been observed by your dog. Thus, it would help if your entire family will work with you in teaching your dog not to jump or stay on the couch.

The secret to this training is consistency. You and all your family members must follow the same procedures in keeping your dog away from the couch. Otherwise, your dog will not learn how to behave well.

You may consider the following tips in keeping your beloved pooch off of your sofa:

  • Place a physical barrier, such as a crate or gate, to prevent your dog from jumping on your comfy sofa.
  • Use items that can prevent your dog from jumping on your couch. These items may include tinfoil, boxes, newspapers, plastic, or an agility tunnel. Place these items on top of the couch.
  • You may opt to use deterrent sprays specially designed to keep those paws off your sofa.

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