List out the Top 6 Features of Cloud Telephony In 2022

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Almost all industries, irrespective of their discipline, require telephone services. Telephone services are not only for receiving and taking calls. They also help to understand customers, their queries & quickly respond to them back during their urgencies. Switching to the best cloud telephony solution will deliver the business numerous benefits. Cloud telephony (India) solutions always bring potential value for businesses, whether small or large. If you are looking for cloud telephony benefits & features, this article is for you.

Top 6 Features of Best Cloud telephony Solutions

The cloud has become the technology for everyone. Even the telephony services have gone cloud-based with the advent of the latest voice-based protocols. Cloud telephony solutions render clear & uninterruptible business communication between the organization & its customers. Knowlarity is well-known cloud telephony (India) provider that delivers numerous cloud telephony benefits. Here is the list of six cloud telephony benefits organizations can enjoy by leveraging cloud-based telephony services.

  1. Virtual phone numbers: Some of the best cloud telephony solutions come with virtual phone numbers, which the organizations can map with multiple other devices or phone numbers. Organizations can use virtual phone numbers to call on any phone, such as cell phones, VoIP desk phones, etc., for taking or receiving calls with the help of the internet and cloud services. Because of virtual phone numbers, businesses do not experience geographical barriers and can connect to customers across the globe at the same cost.
  2.  Click to call feature: Almost all cloud telephony (India) service providers come with the click to call feature that allows business executives to dial calls automatically when they click on it. It can also be a button on a company’s website. It permits customers to speak to the business executives or customer support team while the customer browses the company’s website. These widgets on the company’s website might ask the customer to provide their phone numbers to receive a call from the sales team.
  3.  Call analytics: Having call analytics and customer data is one of the greatest assets businesses can have to understand customers & get insight into where they stand. Some of the best cloud telephony solutions provide this call analytics feature where the organization can witness agent call logs, call details, dropped calls, answered calls, connecting calls, etc. It can also help evaluate the agent calls & observe individual customer support executive’s performance. Companies can also integrate such solutions with CRM and other database systems.
  4.  Text to speech and chatbots: Another cloud telephony benefit is the proactive AI tool that helps to convert text to voice or automatically chat with customers. There are chatbots & text to speech programs with computer-generated voice or AI algorithms to take the initial queries or engage the callers. Chatbot programs and text to speech (TTS) features can serve multiple contacts and customers at a time. Thus, it can minimize the initial workload of customer executives & sales or even provide personalized service.
  5. Call monitoring: Call monitoring is another essential feature that allows top executives to listen to any call in real-time. Call monitoring helps in providing better training to agents and improves customer interactions. The quality assurance team has to use this feature to check the call quality. Call monitoring also keeps the previous call as voice records in the cloud that the quality assurance team or the senior executive of sales and customer support can go through them.
  6.  Autodialer: The feature automatically allows the customer care agent or sales agent to call all the leads. It saves time & enables agents to dial the customer to talk to a live agent and solve their queries. Lead executives can assign calls to multiple agents through this feature.


We hope this comprehension has given you a quick walk through of the top six cloud telephony benefits that some of the best cloud telephony solutions can provide. If you are looking for excellent cloud telephony (India) provider, try Knowlarity. Knowlarity ranks at the top among various cloud telephony providers.


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