What are Some Top Capsule Suppliers in India?

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The importance of the medication is very well-known in the Indian market. Medication is crucial in the procedure of treating various health issues. The generic drugs in the Indian market have a very potential demand and production. In terms of the pharmaceutical market, the position of India is quite powerful across the globe as well. Indian pharma acquires more than 20 percent of the total generic drug market.

Capsules are in massive demand in the Indian market for medicinal purposes. As per its demand, the capsule suppliers are adequate in the market. It has become the pivot of generic drugs due to its very-low manufacturing costs. It results in luring the potential investor into the pharmaceutical market. 

The capsules are made up of drugs enclosed in a hard or soft container, made up of a material called ‘gelatin.’ The soaring demand for capsules in India has significantly led to the advancement of capsule manufacturing and delivery technologies in the pharma segment. Here, you will become acquainted with various genuine top capsule manufacturing companies in India.  

Natural Capsules Limited

This capsule supplying company was established in the year 1993. This company is well-known for comprising advanced and modern equipped technologies for manufacturing purposes. They manufacture Hard Gelatin Capsule shells, Hard cellulose capsule shells, and pharma dosage forms in the form of the capsule. 

Their capsule ranges are as follows: 

  • SLS Free Gelatin Capsule Shells
  • Halal Certified Gelatin Capsule Shells
  • Vegetarian Capsule Shells
  • Enteric Capsule Shells

Health camps India Limited

This company was incorporated in the year 1983. This firm is known for manufacturing complex and qualitative gelatin capsules. Their well-optimized manufacturing facilities are designed to serve the timely delivery of the medicines with significant quality controls. 

Due to its achievement, the company has secured a high reputation in the domestic and global markets. Because of this, they are now capable enough to export their gelatin capsules to continents like America, Europe, and Africa. 

Their ranges are:

  • EHG Capsules
  • TSE/BSE free Capsules
  • HPMC capsules
  • Natural color capsules etc.

Erawan Pharma Ltd.

Erawan pharma limited was incorporated around the year 1997. High technical competence has made them achieve absolute excellence in manufacturing gelatin capsules. By securing excellence in the production of HPMC and vegetarian capsules, the entity has ranked among the peak capsule manufacturing companies in India and the global market. 

Being excellent in achieving the position of a potential supplier, the company also exports its capsules to the international markets, including American and European customers. Their ranges start as follows:

  • Sticky Free Capsules
  • Preservative-free capsules
  • Liquid Filling Capsules
  • SLS free capsules
  • Metallic capsules

There have been listed the top and most reliable capsule suppliers that manufacture the most authentic and genuine drugs and have an image in the global market. They are equipped with the modern and most advanced technology for timely deliveries and manufacturing. Capsules easily break down and may procure faster results than tablets. And one of the most edges about consuming capsules is that they do not possess an unpleasant taste or odor. 

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