How to find the right product in our baby mattress comparison 2022

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A baby lies and sleeps much more than older children or adults, numerous online tests emphasize. Therefore, an excellent baby mattress not only ensures a good sleep, but also a good quality of life for your baby.

You will find baby mattresses in different sizes and shapes for use in baby cots, cradles, or strollers. With the material of the mattress core, you can choose between foam or latex or natural materials such as coconut and virgin wool. Choose now from our product table a baby mattress with a washable cover, which you can clean particularly easily.

Note: Buying non toxic baby swing

The most important in a nutshell

  • Mattresses for infants are available in different sizes and shapes. For most baby cots, square baby mattresses in the sizes 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 140 cm are suitable. Oval baby mattresses are available for a bassinet as well as other sizes for strollers, travel cots, or extra beds.
  • Made of synthetic materials, baby mattresses made of cold foam or latex are recommended. Cold foam is particularly elastic and therefore comfortable, latex is also safe for allergic children. Made of natural materials, you can get baby mattresses mainly made of coconut fibers and virgin wool.
  • Not only for a good moisture exchange baby mattresses should be breathable. An air-permeable baby mattress also allows your child to breathe easily when lying on their stomach.

When choosing a baby mattress, it depends on the one hand on the comfort, but also on the support of the child in sleep as well as on safety features. On the one hand, baby mattresses should support the baby’s body and must not be too soft so that no back damage occurs. On the other hand, your child should also be able to sleep comfortably on it. Breathable and easy-care materials as well as high-quality workmanship without small parts that a child could swallow play another role. In our comparison for baby mattresses 2022, you will get to know different models of different brands and manufacturers for mattresses for infants. Our purchase advice will help you with important purchase criteria for baby mattresses and answer the frequently asked questions.

What equipment do the different types of baby mattresses have?

A baby mattress is also used for a stroller, a bassinet, or a travel cot

In the case of a mattress for infants, baby mattresses for a baby cot are often considered. Baby mattresses are also needed for a stroller or bassinet or for a travel cot. Baby mattresses differ from mattresses for adults not only in their size. Due to the low weight of a baby, the density and thickness of the baby mattress may also be lower. In addition, baby mattresses can be equipped with additional safety features for your child, such as sensors and alarms that alert you to a necessary action in an emergency.

Below we show the main differences between a baby mattress and an adult mattress:


  • Cot
  • Children’s/bassinet
  • Travel cot
  • Bed
  • Sofa bed
  • Care bed


  • Up to 12 cm
  • At least 15 cm


  • Moisture protection
  • Sensors for safety
  • if possible without small parts
  • Different lying zones
  • Care mattresses


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