In an e-bike folding bike test, you will find your suitable model

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If you want to buy an e-bike folding bike, kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you benefit from the integrated e-bike folding bike mid-motor, which supports you at the touch of a button. On the other hand, you can fold the bike and thus store it in any place to save space.

First of all, you should think about what size your new pedelec folding bike should be. As you are used to folding bikes, many models are quite small (e-bike folding bike 20 inches). But nowadays there is a much larger selection of several sizes. Thus, you will find, among other things, on request also an e-bike folding bike with 26 inches, which corresponds to normal size.

In addition, it makes a lot of sense to additionally carry out an e-bike folding bike comparison. Thus, you will learn more about the extras and functions of the respective model.

Driving comfort, the maximum range in km, and start-up assistance – there are many functions

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e-bike folding bike comparison test winner

If you want to pay attention to the budget, you can already buy an e-bike folding bike cheaply. Just pay attention to current offers. Among other things, you will find an e-bike folding bike at Aldi for an unbeatable price, with many functions and extras. The cheapest models with a price of 800 euros have a rather average comfort. Opt for an e-bike folding bike 24 inches from a price of 1,000 euros, but you already get high to a very high level of comfort.

There are also significant differences in the maximum range in km. Therefore, this point should be given special attention in a test for e-bike folding bikes. With cheap models, the battery already wears out after a range of 50 kilometers, which is rather sobering. A good value is spoken of when wheels have a range of up to 100 or more kilometers.

Are you looking for an e-bike folding bike with a withdrawal? Then you should opt for bikes with hub gear. A suitable model here would be the Adore KS Cycling Zero. This is an e-bike folding bike 20-inch 3-speed.

We will now name 3 other important functions that are important in an electric folding bike test:


  • optionally with hub or derailleur
  • Hub gear has a coaster brake
  • Derailleur offers up to 21 gears

Hydraulic disc brakes

  • better braking force
  • Grip very well even in wet conditions
  • Faster braking is possible thanks to the hydraulic line

Power in watts

  • Results from torque and speed
  • Is expressed in watts
  • May not exceed 250 watts

If you drive uphill frequently, we recommend that you opt for a derailleur. In contrast to a hub gear, this has far more gears and is therefore clearly at an advantage.

Extremely practical: an e-bike folding bike with start-up aid

If you have a hard time starting in old age, you can opt for a start-up aid. The e-bike starts at a speed of up to 6 km/h with its own engine power, without the rider having to pedal. If you continue to pedal and drive faster after the ascent, the help switches off automatically at over 6 km/h.

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