What Should You Pay to Receive Top-Notch Assignment Writing Online

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As the demand for online assignment writing increases worldwide, so does the number of services looking to take advantage of helpless students. With the over saturation of the online academic writing market, you’re more likely to find websites with horrible reputations than reliable ones.

The most common issue that students across several countries have with such services is the absurd pricing. Can you imagine spending hundreds of dollars for a research paper and ending up with a work copied from Wikipedia? Yet, as ridiculous as it sounds, this is precisely what some online writing services are trying to pull.

A Comparative Price of Online Writing Services

It has become a norm among online services to quote high prices to students and expect them to pay an absurd amount of money under the guise of professional services. However, here’s an example of the kind of services you can expect, despite spending more than $600:

myassignmenthelp review
myassignmenthelp review

When you’re hiring an online academic writing service, you’re bound to experience two types of cases:

Case A: Where the service’s price is too good to be true

Case B: Where you have to pay a lot for premium services

Now, in both cases, you’re bound to run into problems.

First, let’s explore case A:

In this situation, you think you’re lucky enough to end up with a service where the prices are dirt cheap. However, sooner or later, you’ll release there are hidden charges involved. Now, unless you pay the additional fees, these services hold your assignment hostage. So, either you spend a lot more than you bargained for or don’t accept the assignment and lose the amount you’ve already paid.

Or, even if there aren’t any hidden charges, the services don’t live up to the mark. At extremely low prices, you cannot expect to receive high-quality writing. In fact, it’s not surprising that most students complain of horrible services whenever they hire these questionable websites:

For Case B, some online assignment services make you believe that paying a significant amount for academic services equals quality, but such is not the case. In fact, you end up paying $400 for a paper that would have ideally cost you $50.

Thankfully, a few services like MyAssignmenthelp.com have maintained their integrity and don’t cheat students regarding the prices. After comparing the prices across several online academic writing platforms, I’ve determined the fairest price for all.

Now, before diving into the prices, you must keep in mind that these rely on several factors, such as,

  • The complexity of the work
  • The deadline
  • The student’s academic levels

So, here’s a small rundown of how much you should spend on an expert to write an assignment online:

  • With a word count of 1000 and a deadline of 30-40 days, the average should be $50 to $80
  • With a word count of 100 and a deadline of 21-30 days, the standard should be $52 to $84
  • With a word count of 1000 and a deadline of 6-21 days, the average should be $55 to $90
  • With a word count of 1000 and a deadline of 24 hours, the standard should be $95 to $120

These prices are based entirely on what I’ve seen on some reliable academic help services. For example, if you go through some MyAssignmenthelp.com reviews, you’ll notice that most students are pretty satisfied with the quality of work and prices.

You should always check this balance between price and quality before paying an expert to work on your paper. So, next time, think twice before spending money on any academic service that crosses your path.

Summing it up,

Online writing services have always taken advantage of students in dire need of academic guidance. However, this blog provides you with the ideal price you should pay to hire an expert without becoming a victim of overcharging. For more writing click here

Author bio:

Leonard Herbert is a professor at a reputable university in the UK. He has graduated at the top of his class and is currently pursuing further research in media management and journalism.

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