How to get more Instagram followers?

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Instagram is a popular social media channel for all ages, not just young people. The Step-By-Step guide to getting Instagram Verified, The reason for the increase in popularity is obvious – people love visual content that can be easily shared, edited, and browsed. With the growth in the number of users, Instagram has also become an important platform for companies.

If Instagram marketing supports your business goals and social media strategy, you may want to set up a business account. Many companies use Instagram for consumer or recruiting marketing, but a channel is also a viable option for B2-B marketing. Advertising opportunities are good and some of the channels respond to ads the second-most (after Facebook). An Instagram account allows you to sell products, strengthen brand awareness, communicate expertise, or build an employer image.

What to consider in Instagram marketing and how to create a good Instagram account?

Invest in content

Instagram is the platform for visual storytelling. On Instagram, you can publish images and short videos in a stream with images, accompanying stories, longer IGTV videos, and live videos.

The length of the accompanying texts has increased recently and longer texts are well responded to, which offers good opportunities for brand storytelling. Use the image to arouse interest and tell your story in the cover text.

Publish quality and personalized content. Images do not have to be taken by a professional, authenticity and regularity are more important. However, remember that the quality is good enough. The consistent style of the images makes the look of the account professional. On Instagram, this is easy with ready-made filters. Even without filters, by taking a few photography and image processing tips, you get a unified style. With image processing applications outside of Instagram (e.g. VSCO, Caneva ), you get access to more filters and other features, such as a puzzle built from images on your profile page. With thoughtful Stories bases, even the story content supports the unified look of the brand.

Post often and favor the days of the week and times when your audience uses Instagram the most. Choose a few themes for your account, think about your story, and make sure you have enough resources to manage your account. Don’t sell too much, offer value to your followers.

Take advantage of the profile or bio

Your new follower will be the first to see your profile, so think about the description and style. Choose a descriptive username and name, as they will appear at the top of your profile and will also be searchable. Tell us in a concise and personal way what your business and Instagram account is all about. Mothers can enliven and lighten the description.

Links can’t be shared in the Instagram image stream, so it’s a good idea to use your profile for campaigns as well. You can change the link to your profile for the duration of the campaign and tell us about it in the image stream post. You can also save the best Stories Highlights videos to your profile.

You can add address information and buttons to contact the company profile. Using these saves space in a profile description with a 150-character limit. You can improve the visibility of your account by adding the hashes you use to describe your profile. You can also link other Instagram accounts for your business to your profile.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to gain new followers. With hashtags, users can find your publication in a search. Posts that use hashtags garner the most likes and comments. The use of hashtags is worthwhile.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your publication, but you should think about the most important ones for your brand and test which number works best for your followers. You can also add hashtags to comments, or hide them down in the publication by adding line breaks before hashtags. It is not a good idea to copy the same hashtags to each publication, but to make the appropriate tags for each publication.

Design your hashtag strategy. Want to use Instagram’s most popular hashtags or less used ones with potentially more committed Followers? Do you create your hashtag for your company brand, slogan, product, or marketing campaign? Did you come up with an interacting hashtag that your followers would love to share? Also, map out what hashtags your competitors use and make sure you show up for industry-related searches.

Network and do influential marketing

The nature of social media is to be social. So don’t repeat your message one way, be active and participate in conversations. Follow your customers, partners, industry influencers, and competitors. Like and comment. Share other publications where you are mentioned.

Find out if influencer collaboration could be the right way for you to gain more visibility and followers. The importance of network recommendations in purchasing decisions is huge and influencers increase the confidence of your target audience in your brand.

Paid advertising on Instagram

Paid advertising is a viable way to increase visibility in a selected audience. Instagram advertising is implemented with Facebook Business Manager. There are good targeting options and there are several ad formats: Images, Videos, Stories Ads, Collections, Carousels, Explore Ads, and IGTV Ads.

The same guidelines apply to IG campaigns as they do to marketing campaigns in general. guide to getting Instagram Verified, Think ahead about your goals, target audience, and success metrics. Design your ad content to engage and activate your audience. You can use a well-functioning organic publication or create a new ad. Make sure your ads have a clear call-to-action that you want your target audience to take. If your goal is to get visitors to your website, make sure your site referral is working and your campaign page is optimized for conversion.

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