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Based on the school bag purchase advice 2022, you can already see that there is an almost infinite selection of colors and designs. bulk cheap baby bottles If you are wondering when it makes sense to purchase a practical set of satchel accessories, we will answer these and other questions in the following FAQ.

What is included in a satchel set?

As the name suggests, such a set includes other utensils in addition to the satchel. These include, for example, gym bags as well as pen or feather folders with pencils and erasers. Another practical accessory part is a water bottle holder, which prevents the water in the satchel from leaking.

What material should a satchel be made of?

In order for a satchel to look attractive for many years to come, it must be made of high-quality materials. Tear-resistant synthetic fibers that are easy to clean and have a waterproof surface are recommended. Leather satchels are more suitable for older schoolchildren due to their higher weight.

What ergonomic features should a good satchel fulfill?

Unlike the trolley, a satchel should meet certain ergonomic features so as not to strain the spine. In order to avoid later postural damage right from the start, your personal satchel test winner should therefore include adjustable, padded back parts. As a result, the heavy books are much more comfortable to carry, as the children no longer feel them like a hardboard on their backs.

Equally important are the straps. Shoulder straps should definitely be adjustable so that the satchel “grows” with the child in a size-adjustable way. Another ergonomic feature is hip and chest straps. They take the weight off the small shoulders and also help to ensure that the satchel does not fall down when walking.

School bags for narrow children should be “tried on” before buying. In this context, it is important that no pressure points occur when wearing with or without a jacket.

How should you clean a satchel?

Ideally, you should clean a satchel completely emptied in the washing machine. If you only want to remove crumbs, you can either shake them out of the satchel or dispose of them with a hand vacuum cleaner. To get the upper or surfaces clean, all you need is a cloth moistened with water.

Which manufacturers produce satchels?

In addition to the already mentioned satchel brands, there are other renowned manufacturers. These include McNeill, Lässig, Step by Step, Baagl, Herlitz, Schneiders or Disney.

What are retro satchels?

Retro satchels are a “traditional” variant that was already popular with grandparents: school bags made of genuine leather, which even today cost more than “conventional” satchels. If you are interested in such a model, you should take into account the maintenance effort. You need special care products so that the leather remains supple in the long term and does not break.

With how many compartments are the Baagl satchel with excavator motif equipped?

This baagl satchel has three separate compartments in the main area, an insulated front pocket, and two side pockets for water bottles and other trifles.

How heavy is the satchel in the Step by Step Satchel Set Touch 5-piece?

The 5-piece satchel set from Step by Step weighs 1.25 kg without content. This makes the satchel one of the lightweights. In addition, it is ergonomically shaped and also suitable for delicate children.

How much does the satchel of the Baagl satchel set unicorn weigh?

The satchel itself weighs 1100 g. Due to the ergonomically shaped back with a sliding back system, it can be easily adapted to the size of the child.

Does the Ergobag Schlaubär school bag have a lap belt?

Yes, the Ergobag Schlaubär school bag is equipped with a padded lap belt. This allows the weight to be optimally distributed, which promotes back health.

How many compartments does the herlitz flexi plus butterfly dreams satchel have?

The herlitz satchel Flexi Plus Butterfly Dreams has a spacious inner compartment with integrated book compartment, two side pockets with zipper, two integrated front pockets with Velcro and a small extra compartment with zipper as well as best outdoor baby swing frames on the lid flap for additional storage space.

What is included in the scope of delivery of the ergonomic school backpack from ergobag-Store?

The ergonomic school backpack from ergobag-Store comes with a five-piece set. This consists of a gym bag, five velcros, a pencil case and a sloppy pencil case.

Which type of satchel do you get with the LÄSSIG satchel set if you want to buy it?

The satchel is rigid and firm, it does not give way and is therefore a type of satchel. But it convinces with its robustness.

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