What are the different kinds of glasses suitable for internal glass partitions?

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Glass partitions help a great way to create privacy as well as keep a tab on how everything is going around you. Well, one of the best choices for partitions are internal glass partitions in Delhi from Satkartar Glass Solutions. Choosing an internal glass partition in Delhi sometimes can be a daunting task as there are too many varieties for the same. Therefore, whenever you go to purchase internal glass partitions, always ensure that you are choosing the one with suitable material. In this article, there are various glass styles discussed which are suitable for Internal glass partitions.

In today’s fast-moving world, discoveries and innovations take place almost every hour in every discipline. Keeping your home and office up to date by styling it has become an integral practice. It not only keeps you in a good mood but also enhances the overall look of the space. But, there is a catch here. While you are doing your space with internal glass partitions, you need to choose the right glass and yes, it can be a daunting task at times. The list of styles, materials and features of various glass types is exhaustive and it’s very obvious to get confused if no research is done beforehand. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the glass types that are most commonly used for internal glass partitions.

Lacquered Glass:-

With this kind of glass in use, you can very easily take the internal glass partitions of your space a notch higher. It will help you make your interiors look fresh and innovative. This kind of glass is manufactured by using special high-quality paint on one side of the glass. With Colour and light effects combined, this type of glass conveys a very creative kind of appearance for both walls as well as furniture. And, due to the colour of the glass the interiors as well as the surroundings brighten up with great brilliance. This type of glass can be used as internal glass partitions anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and offices.

Laminated Glass:-

Another glass type that is suitable for the internal glass partition of your home and offices is laminated glass. This kind of glass is manufactured by combining two or more two panes of glass using a flexible interlayer of PVB. The PVB interlayer filters the rays coming from the sun up to 99% and at the same time allows the required visible light to pass through. The best part about this glass type is it offers excellent sound insulation.

Toughened Glass:-

This is a kind of safety glass. And is manufactured by the process of controlled thermal or chemical processes. Usage of these processes makes the glass approximately 5 times stronger and hence increases its strength manifolds in comparison to the standard glass. The best feature about this glass style is when it breaks, it breaks into small fragments so that the damage caused to someone remains minimal.

Insulated Glass:-

This glass type consists of two or more panels of glass separated by an extremely thin sir or aluminium spacer. The combination of two panels of glass and the trapped air together makes insulated glass a perfect energy-efficient method of glazing. The installation of this type of glass would help you reduce the building up of heat in summer and will also prevent the loss of heat in winters.

Tinted Glass:-

In case the problem with your space is revolving around solar heat, then tinted glass is the best choice for you. It not only absorbs approximately 30 to 45% of the solar heat but also helps a great deal to reduce the cost of energy.


Internal glass partitions in Delhi are one of the most popular things in the construction industry of the city these days and are extremely useful for both homes and offices.

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