What is IGTV and why should you be concerned about it

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You’ve seen YouTube and you’ve seen Snapchat. However, what is IGTV? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the increasing need for videos in the age of digital. “If the image has the value of a 1000 words then a video can be equivalent to 1.8 million of words” -Forrester Research ‘ How Video Will become the dominant force in The World. How you’ll get millions of views on your videos?

The trend of video clips isn’t ignored by Instagram which is always developing new functions and changing its algorithm to improve user experience. Despite the introduction to IG Stories and LIVE at its heart, Instagram has always primarily been a platform for sharing pictures to your friends. With the launch of their own stand-alone application, IGTV, Instagram hopes to completely integrate video into their advancing visual platform.

IGNTV: What exactly is it?

In the time that Kevin Nystrom, Instagram’s former CEO was the CEO of Instagram, he introduced the IGTV application in June of 2018 the phrase “What Is IGTV” is searched around 40,500 times across the globe. It’s safe for us to say that the new app has caught the eye of its users, and made everyone want to know more about how it functions.

IGTV can be described as Instagram TV; an application that comes from Instagram specifically designed for vertical or portrait streaming videos on smartphones.

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What is IGTV Different from other IG Videos?

Recently, Instagram has launched two options for sharing videos Live and Stories. Stories and Live. With Instagram Live, you can interact with your followers through streaming a video live in real-time. However, the downside is that the videos are uncut and not edited.

However, Instagram Stories are perfect to share edited and polished videos. However, like IG videos they have the limitation that is 60 seconds. With IGTV users can make videos, save and edit longer videos that can be shared in the future.  You can buy Instagram views for promotion purposes. And it’s really worth it.

Will IGTV Kill YouTube?

At present the issue that is being asked by everyone has to do with whether IGTV can replace YouTube for the position of the number one platform for video streaming. Although this debate could be too early to begin, IGTV does seem to have the potential. In fact, a lot of YouTubers have shown a desire to curate their videos for IGTV. “Influencers as well as creators beginning to gravitate towards IGTV after it has completed its first testing.

I am still convinced that YouTube will remain the king for at the very least two years longer than IGTV however, should Instagram discovers a way to develop, and it may become the next big thing!” – Orlando Gonzalez Mark Growth Blog The thing that seems to work an advantage for IGTV is the fact that most watched YouTube videos are between 15-30 minutes. That means YouTubers are now able to publish their content directly via the IGTV app too.

1. Keywords are the Keywords Are the Key!

At present, there is no search function on IGTV this is something that experts say is among the biggest disadvantages. “Without having the ability to search for keywords (like you do use on YouTube) and hashtags the content you post isn’t likely to be discovered by new users.

If you’re looking to utilize Instagram to grow your audience then you should focus in gaining new followers and unfortunately, IGTV isn’t helping in that regard, as of yet.” Alex Toby, alextooby.com. Alex Toby, alextooby.com you can however, include keywords into the channel’s names (aka Your Handle). For example, if enter ‘photography’, it will display all channels that have the word “photography” in the title. Learn more on how you can Market your business using Instagram stories.

2. Make IGTV Exclusives!

Exclusiveness is always a huge attraction. What better way to provide your customers with an experience that is exclusive? “Create videos specifically designed for IGTV about topics your viewers will enjoy. The limited supply will encourage your fans to follow your channel to ensure they won’t miss the new content you make.” – @kicksta.coTo make this video exclusive, ensure that your users are unable to access this video through other channels.

Instead, you can use your other social media profiles to promote the video and create excitement. Third party apps like FollowersBucket is also available in order to gain credibility.

3. Utilize Instagram Features!

One of the biggest advantages to IGTV is the fact that it comes with an integrated integration with Instagram. Create posts and stories to notify your followers when a new post goes in the air! Tip: You are now able to show the preview of the IGTV video directly via Instagram Stories! Simply tap the paper plane at the bottom of the video that you would like to share.

Here’s the comparison between two social servicing giants, you can read https://businessfig.com/fansleap-vs-followersbucket-a-side-by-side-comparison/

4. Utilize Other Social Platforms!

You can also upload you IGTV channels on different social platforms. Make a teaser video of the full video and post your video via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. Encourage your followers to go to your IGTV channel to learn more!

https://followersbucket.com/buy-instagram-followers/ this link will redirect you to the worlds’ number 1 Growth Agency. You can also buy Nigerian Instagram followers through here.

5. Create Promotions!

Simply because it’s an app that’s new does not mean that the old methods of spreading the word will be effective! “Right now you can see that if your business is regularly posting IGTV videos on a regular basis and you are likely to require cross-promotion through the more conventional ways on Insta such as posting posts which promote those IGTV videos.

The best way to accomplish this is to use the feature that allows accounts with no follower count to make swipe-up hyperlinks to IGTV videos on their posts.” — Paul Hickey, Data Driven Design you can write about what your channel is and the things it’s on a blog article. If your email lists are active, you can share it with a newsletter. Put a banner on the end of your site. You’ve got the concept isn’t it? Content Ideas for IGTV So, you now are aware of how IGTV is! Let’s move on to the most important details: What kind of content should you be advertising on IGTV.

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