How to select best septic safe toilet paper

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Ensure your home’s septic tank is in good shape by using toilet paper that breaks down easily and does not contribute to the buildup of waste.

When purchasing toilet paper, it’s important to know that the material won’t harm your septic system. There are dozens of factors to consider when buying this product, but in general, you may want to consider the cost as well as its quality.

Though there are a few other factors to consider, such as the health of our ecosystem, a sustainable product should be free of trees and recycled.

Benefits of Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper can be recycled and not contribute to sludge buildup. The fibers break apart almost immediately.

Rebuilding your septic tank can be difficult when it is disrupted by bleach. Bleach can destroy the beneficial bacteria that are responsible for cleaning your septic tank’s pipes and cause a buildup in muck, which means you’ll have to pump your septic tank more often.

With less water, toilet paper biodegrades faster in your septic tank which will reduce clumping and harm the system.

The downside to biodegradable septic safe toilet paper is that it’s not as thick and soft as other toilet paper. It’s also important to understand that biodegradable toilet paper can be expensive.

With the recent push towards a more sustainable world and ecological awareness, there are many septic-safe toilet paper options on the market. There are bath tissue brands that are not made from trees, so if you’re looking to add some eco-friendly goods to your home bathroom, make sure you Google what kind of toilet paper is most biodegradable.

Bamboo and sugar cane are becoming popular among consumers as eco-friendly toilet paper with a quicker regrow cycle. Columbian and Hawaiian sugar cane both grow relatively quickly, taking decades to grow what it would take years for trees. Bamboo is less likely to be unhealthy for septic tanks and farms than traditional toilet paper because of its natural decomposing properties.

Top 5 toilet brands

Take a look at some of our favorite toilet paper brands that meet some of the criteria listed above. These brands are durable enough for everyday use but gentle on your plumbing system and pipes.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is free of harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin. It’s three times stronger and more absorbent than other opposing brands, so you can use less of it. Twenty-four mega rolls are the equivalent of to108 regular toilet paper rolls.

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

This one-ply RV toilet paper is gentle on septic systems since it is unscented and dissolves swiftly. But, it’s still soft and absorbent to keep your comfort in mind, making it one of the best RV toilet papers. Plus, Scott toilet paper is sourced sustainably from responsibly managed forests.

Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper by Amazon

Amazon offers a large guarantee and doesn’t need the tested toilet paper returned because they will give a full refund to their customers. Amazon also reduces its environmental impact by using recycled materials that do not pollute septic or sewage systems.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo’s toilet paper uses cotton, bamboo, and sugar cane fibers that dissolve quickly This is the best septic safe toilet paper  because it is eco-alternative and  also no clog toilet can easily be used in RVs and septic systems.

Pacific Blue Embossed Toilet Paper

The toilet paper by the Pacific Blue brand is EPA compliant, containing more than 20% post-consumer recycled fiber. 

This powerful machine will dissolve fast and can be used in any septic tank or sewer.

How to Test Your Toilet Paper for Your Septic System

To test the effectiveness of toilet paper, fill each jar or clear container with water. Fill with a different brand of toilet paper. Shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds and see it is good for health or not and also how quickly the toilet paper dissolves.

If your toilet paper takes too long to dissolve, it will make a mess of your sewage tank, filling it up quickly and causing you to waste money on pumping. Choosing the one that dissolves quickly can save money on waste fees over time.

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