What is “Vanish mode” on Facebook messenger?

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Are you here in this blog to get the answer to your question of what is vanish mode on messenger then congratulations you are at the right place as here in this blog we are going to discuss about it so that our users are able to use it. 

What is Vanish mode? 

Vanish mode actually vanishes the messages on messenger. Vanish mode messenger works in a simple way; when the vanish mode is turned the messages you will send on Facebook messenger will be vanished after the other person has seen those messages and closed the chat as well. This updated feature of Facebook is used by the users to provide more security and privacy to the users. 

How does Vanish mode work?

    1. First of all the users need to open Facebook messenger on their device and if they do not have Facebook messenger installed on your device then do it immediately. 
    2. Now, you need to open a chat which you want to and then go to the bottom of the chat, there you will have to swipe the chat till the circle icon you see is completed. 
    3. Once the circle icon is completed the users will see that their conversation screen is cleared. 
  • Now, the messenger vanish mode has been activated for that chat. You can start any conversation and once the other person has already seen the messages and closed the conversation screen. And it’s done, you can very easily set this vanish mode on any of the conversation you want to. 

The users need to make sure that they can apply this vanish mode on personal chats only and is not applicable to the group chats. And if the users want to look for some more extra information then the users can very easily get it from the website called Ityug247.

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