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You are looking forward to buying some plants to give a 360-degree turn to your boring old home. We all know the difference plants make in our life. And we all want to make them grow in our homes. But, there’s a big struggle in getting what you are looking for in one place. Whether you are interested in creating your full-fledged garden, giving life to your balcony terrace, or want to add a flair to your standard-looking room by giving it a more breathable feel, there are online platforms that offer you such service. If you are also interested in knowing about these websites, look no further as we have listed best online house plant nursery to buy plants online from:-
Ugaoo is a must check for first-time online plant buyers. The website offers all to its customers. Whether you are searching for an indoor plant or an outdoor one, whether you are searching for a typical plant or an exotic one, whether you are looking for pots, planters, or other common and uncommon accessories, you will find them all on Ugaoo.com. The website has its nurseries where it grows plants under proper supervision. Prices start from INR 275, and you can get free delivery if the order value is above INR 499.
Flower Aura
Created as an online platform for just flower delivery, Flower Aura expanded its operations to include indoor and outdoor plants as well. The nursery is perfect if you wish to gift someone plants and flowers. There is an option of filtering plants according to the occasion, and you may search for flowers according to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions. You can easily buy succulents and lucky plants there. You can buy the best online house plant nursery for free if the order value is above INR 1000.
FernNPetals is a trustworthy website to buy indoor and outdoor plants. The best feature of the website is its promise to make same-day delivery. The store also gives the option to search for flowers and plants according to a special occasion making the nursery suitable for gifting purposes. They provide delivery in all the metropolitan cities. They also give an option of buying good luck bonsai plants. Prices start from INR 349.
A recent edition to the best online house plant store started its operations in 2020, and in just a short period, the website has managed to grow its portfolio with over 2000 products. You can buy anything from succulents, fruit plants, aromatic plants, herbal plants, flower plants, and aquatic plants from this store. Along with that, there are pots, fertilizers, seeds, gardening kits, and planters available. There is a free delivery on order values above INR 399.
With a wide range of products that go beyond succulents, cacti, and climbers, NurseryLive has become one of the most popular plant stores in India in just a period of 8 years. Starting in 2014, the website offered more than 5000 product types ranging from aromatic plants, orchids, medicinal plants, and landscape plants to other products like pots, planters, seeds, tools, and other garden accessories. The minimum order value will be INR 699, along with a shipping fee of INR 79.
If you know someone interested in indoor planting, the best online house plant store is a great nursery site for you. You can fill your garden, room, or balcony with some exotic plants as the website has included numerous different plant varieties that you will not find easily. You can buy most kinds of unique succulents on this website. Whether it is Kalanchoe Laetivirens found on the island of Madagascar or the Crassula Capitella Campfire found in South Africa, you can find everything. The website also has an extensive collection of terrarium kits and garden accessories. Prices start from INR 250, and you can get free delivery if the order value is above INR 500.
Green Décor
Green Décor is the website if you are looking to get the best quality indoor plants at an affordable price. The website has a considerable portfolio for you to shop for succulents, climbers, bonsai, medicinal plants, and other varieties of plants. Green Décor has an excellent gifting hamper option that can be customized, making the site great for some business gifting. There are also some exclusive gifting plants depending on different occasions. The prices on this website start from INR 200. The delivery time is seven days and is accessible on orders above INR 990.
Paudhshala is an organic nursery option based in Himalayas. Paudhshala is one of India’s best online house plant stores to shop for forestry and medicinal plants based in the foothills of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Due to such an enticing location, the nursery is able to provide some exotic plant varieties like Bombax Ceiba Semal plant, bonsai banyan tree, and more. With prices starting at just INR 200, you get 24/7 customer care assistance and a moneyback guarantee for 30 days.
PlantsGuru is another new player in the market that is gradually attracting customers with its comprehensive offerings. You can find anything from basic and regular options to more unique and exotic ones. From fiddle leaf plants to rubber varieties, there are numerous varieties on sale. The website is planning to provide outdoor plants as well. You may also find pots, décor items, and other garden accessories, apart from plants. Prices start from INR 229, and you can get free delivery if order value is above INR 599.
RootBridges is another growing player in the game that offers numerous varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. There are options to filter plants according to location, features, family, and nature. There are plants suitable for beginners demanding less care, plants good for decoration, and plants that act as air purifiers. You can also get gifting plants. There are seeds, tools, plant accessories, pots, and fertilizers with plants. Prices start from INR 178 on the website, and you get free delivery on order values above INR 499.

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