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Since the global pandemic, the event industry saw an upsurge in virtual event technologies and platforms to keep the spark of events alive, even online. The virtual event market boasts of various promising and user-friendly virtual event platforms guaranteed to give you an amazing experience, be it in terms of. Organizing a virtual event involves transforming the whole physical model into a virtual model, but it is not as easy as it sounds. With the help of DIY (do it yourself) virtual event platforms, you can create a fun and convenient event where we can put together all the features into a simple event. With only a few clicks on your laptop, you can save a lot of time and energy organizing an in-person event at a venue. One such virtual event platform that offers you a 3D immersive and engaging event hosting experience is Mixhubb by Dreamcast.

A well-designed virtual event platform can fulfil every user’s requirement for hosting an event. These platforms replicate live event experiences online and deliver them to the audiences with the help of the internet. Virtual platforms can be browser-based or application-based. Mixhubb is one such DIY Event Platform that is Browser-Based. Event organizers can host online events for small and large audiences, manage events, and organize and coordinate event attendees using a virtual platform.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to understand the importance of DIY virtual event platforms.

 DIY Virtual Event Platform

Since the pandemic outbreak, there has been exponential growth in the virtual industry, with more and more people preferring to work from the comfort of their homes. Virtual Exhibitions, conferences, workshops etc., have been on the radar for quite some time now. As a result, there has been ever-increasing competition in the market, with novel features and high-tech solutions constantly introduced to the Virtual Event Platform Functionalities.

Virtual events are held on Customizable virtual event platform such as Aventri, Attendify, Balloon, Event Farm etc. Here, people can connect worldwide via live video chats or voice calls for attendees and speakers. On Mixhubb, you can customize your event entirely using various features such as walkthroughs, a customizable lobby showcasing various brands, an auditorium, virtual booths and a stage. There can be two types of online events-


  1. Virtual events where the entire event is hosted on the virtual event platform.
  2. Hybrid events are a combination of virtual and in-person events so that people worldwide can attend either of those according to their convenience. 

Events can be organized in virtual exhibitions, virtual lectures, slide presentations, online conferences, invite-only webinars etc. Depending on the purpose. Through Virtual Event Platforms, an event organizer can cater to an audience of any scale and size from the comfort of his home. Moreover, by switching to a virtual event platform, organizers can save on many expenses associated with a physical event, such as venue charges, accommodation/ travel payments, staff payments, stall setup charges and other related expenses.

Different types of events hosted through virtual event platforms include–

  • Webinars:

    Provide an easy way to connect with other professionals in the same field globally and expand your network.


  • Virtual social events

    – Small social events such as school reunions and business-related meetings.

  • Virtual lectures

    Pre-recorded lectures can be visited and revisited so that attendees don’t miss out on anything.

  • Virtual recruitment

     Many companies conduct their hiring process through virtual platforms, saving time and money.


  • Virtual workshops

    If a trainer isn’t available or cannot secure a physical space to conduct a session, it can be carried out through live instruction using pre-recorded lectures with no delay.


  • Virtual conferences 

    Allow you to organize large gatherings without assembling a big team or securing a pricey venue.


  • Fundraisers

    You can easily raise money online through virtual platforms as you can reach and be heard by more people everywhere.


  • Virtual award ceremonies, fests and fairs

    to engage attendees and create a fun and animated event.


  • Virtual meetups, Townhall meetings

     Connecting people and encouraging exchanging ideas.

 When creating an event such as a seminar or an exhibition, capturing its essence, dynamics, and hustle in the virtual event is imperative. Hosting virtual events can effectively increase revenue, expand your audience, and track key data about your audience. It can provide a cutting edge over your competitors. Let’s discuss how virtual platforms prove to be effective and beneficial.

 Key characteristics of a Virtual Event Platform


To create an immersive experience for users, customizable virtual event platforms are the way to go. Choose a platform that lets you customize all aspects of the virtual event space in terms of colour, audio, video settings and branding. Event planners should look for features such as branded web rooms, branded event websites, and dynamic branding, making the content move in the background. Branded Sponsorship opportunities using logos and banners, Customizable registration means, customized email templates, branded banners, etc. Such customization options will help you seek more sponsorship or exhibitors for your event. Out of all the available Virtual Event Platforms, Mixhubb by Dreamcast offers a few additional features, making it the number 1 choice of platform for all the event organizers. To name a few additional features- it offers a dashboard with insightful metrics, a backstage for speakers to rehearse, navigation and other fully customizable features.

Easy to Use

The customizable virtual event platform should be convenient and easy to use for the event management team and the attendees. While creating an event, examine all your virtual platform functionalities and features to be user-friendly and suited to your requirements. Your registration process should not be cumbersome, and check whether it’s supported across different devices. Ensure that it integrates various event marketing tools and CRM and incorporates interactive and engaging features such as chat or messaging, live polling and feedback, live Q&A, group chats, and even AI-powered matchmaking to find people with shared information interests etc.


Depending on the scale of your event, you need to choose a platform that fits your budget. In some virtual event platforms, it only costs a few dollars per attendee. Other platforms may charge you based on the event being organized. Some platforms demand an annual or a monthly fee, so be prudent while selecting one. You can go for a demo or a free trial before investing.


In the case of large-scale events with thousands of attendees, such as large trade shows with a global audience, scalability is crucial. You don’t want people attending to run into issues while joining, interacting with the video content or entering a seminar or conference, so it should be a virtual event platform catered to large events. For a smaller event, you need an interface that makes your event cosier and intimate with the limited no of people

User Reviews

To choose the best platform for you, you need to check out user reviews for that platform. User reviews are a great way to know how a platform performed when the actual users used it, cutting out all the marketing schemes and brand promotions.

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