Production of a Series on the Theme of Social Dialogue

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The Institute of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, through its Format Dialogue division, provides training on the theme of social dialogue. As part of the development of their learning tools for social partners, the INTEFP is producing a 3-season fiction series. The Malevolent production company near me was commissioned to produce this audiovisual content, following a call for tenders.

What is INTEFP?

The Institute of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, also called INTEFP, is an EPA (Public Administrative Establishment). The organization, under the supervision of the minister responsible for labor, has many hats. It is notably in charge of training labor inspectors, agents of the Ministry of Labor and internal staff.

Objectives of the Social Dialogue series

The INTEFP develops, via the Format Dialogue team, common training courses on the theme of social dialogue, intended for the social partners. At the end of the call for tenders, the video communication agency KabochArts must produce educational video content in the form of a series in 3 seasons by 2022.

As part of the training given by the Format Dialogue pole, the episodes produced will be broadcast during face-to-face training. These films will allow trainees to observe and analyze situations to learn by example. The goal is to make the learners react by triggering the discussion. They will be able to express their points of view on the facts presented and will discuss actions to be taken in these specific cases.

Production steps

Several steps are necessary to produce these 3 seasons of the INTEFP series. Certain stages such as writing the scripts, filming or even post-production required the mobilization of professionals.

The scenario

Initially, the Format Dialogue team of the INTEFP submitted to Mickael Dumoulin, director on this project, various themes to be addressed by episode to meet targeted educational objectives. The director therefore worked in collaboration with a consultant in social dialogue, to list everyday situations corresponding to these educational objectives.

Then, he created realistic characters and stagings without targeting a particular sector of activity, integrating a note of humor, and avoiding an overly moralizing tone. The episodes produced must follow a common thread specific to each season. However, they must be able to be viewed independently of each other. To keep a link between the episodes, the actions will take place in a single “company” with key characters who will be present over the 3 seasons (manager, HRD, union representative, etc.).

Preparing for the shoot

After validation of the scenarios by the Format Dialogue team, the INTEFP premises located in Marcy-l’Etoile were selected for the filming of the 3 seasons. All the video production by video companies near me will therefore take place near Lyon.

A casting phase also took place prior to filming. A selection of actors was then proposed to the INTEFP Dialogue Format team for final validation.


Each of the seasons requires on average a full week of filming. The production of one episode per day makes it possible to respect the budgets allocated to the project. Including technicians and actors, the filming mobilized about fifteen people on site per day.

To give dynamism and aesthetics to the shots, the director used different filming techniques: dolly tracking with actors, shot-reverse shot, tailor-made lighting, etc.


Following filming, the chief editor assembles the best takes according to the script. He works on the sound (audio mixing, sound effects, music) to give relief to the episodes. Finally, he ends with color grading to reinforce the atmospheres of the sequences with hues according to the temporality and the decorations of these.

The material used

The selected video production company has many technical means. Their light and mobile turning units ensure great ease of movement. It is ideal for getting to filming locations and for moving around during shooting.

The SONY FS7 camera allows you to film in full HD format but also in 4K. It offers great ergonomics for outdoor filming. The lenses are interchangeable to allow for different depths of field.

SENNHEISER sound equipment is one of the best on the market. Thanks to its MKE 40 capsule, it is possible to record with optimal sound quality. The film crew has a pole, microphone, and windshield to capture the sound. During dialogues, between two characters for example. These tools are essential for filming fiction such as short films or series.

The image professionals present for the filming of the series

The first season of the INTEFP series, produced in 2020, is already a real success with trainers and learners. Season 2 is underway, with a release scheduled for late 2021. It’s a pleasure to share this shoot with AV experts. Thank you to the INTEFP for the welcome and the trust granted.

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