What You Need to Know About Pakistani Rugs

Pakistani rugs are beautiful, unique, and incredibly versatile. They add an authentic touch to any room, making them the perfect addition to the home.

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Pakistani rugs are beautiful, unique, and incredibly versatile. They add an authentic touch to any room, making them the perfect addition to any home or business space. But how can you choose which one will work best for you? Here’s everything you need to know about Pakistani rugs that can help you decide which rug is right for your space and your personality!

What is a Pakistani rug?

Afghan rugs are made in Afghanistan, Baluchi rugs are made in Pakistan. and the Afghan rug, Turkmen rug, and Indo-Pakistani rug are all in those terms. But still, there are various types of rugs, each having a different look. In Pakistani so many types of rugs, and each type has its importance. These rugs are Indian carpets, Pakistani carpets, or indo-Pakistanis carpets. The word carpet comes from Persian giraffe skin (kherf). The first thing you need to know about Pakistani rugs is that it doesn’t have any specific color like red or blue etc.

Pakistani rugs come in various colors like red, pink, green, etc. These colors make these carpets more attractive than others. There are four significant regions where Pakistani rugs are produce, i.e., Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Each region has its variety of designs and patterns, but one thing common among them is their durability and quality. Pakistani rugs don’t lose their color after washing; they remain the same for years if proper care is taken. Another essential thing about Pakistani rugs is that they are machine washable, dry cleanable, and anti-allergic. So people who have pets at home can use these rugs without hesitation. Because even if your pet chews on them, nothing will happen to your precious asset.

Repairing Your Pakistani Rug

Since Pakistani rugs are typically handmade, they can often be challenging to repair. But don’t give up! If you have an expensive Pakistani rug that has been damaged, look for a local rug-repair expert. Most of these experts own their shops or have contacts with other businesses around your area. Remember that repairing Pakistani rugs is not an exact science. And any damage your rug has sustained could impact its value. And even its appearance—after it’s been repair. Repairing your Pakistani rug yourself isn’t recommended unless you’re an expert on carpets. Still, if you aren’t interest in find a professional, you can try some simple techniques at home.

For example, you can use carpet tape to patch small holes in your Pakistani rug. This type of tape is specially design for carpets and will blend into most designs when applied correctly. If you want to remove stains from your Pakistani rug instead of covering them up. Consider rubbing alcohol or white vinegar as a spot treatment. Both substances are safe for most carpets and will help remove stains without damaging them permanently. It’s also important to remember that water should never be used as a stain remover. Because it may permanently discolor certain types of carpet fibers.

Where Can I Buy a Pakistani rug?

There are many places where you can find a quality Pakistani rug, often at an attractive price. However, there are only a few places where you will get first-hand information about quality rugs and design assistance in picking out the right rug for your space. Suppose you are not getting assistance from a professional when shopping for a Pakistani rug. In that case, you may run into issues such as over-buying (buying too big of a rug that it doesn’t look right). Under-buying (getting something too small), or even picking out something that doesn’t go with your space at all.

To avoid these pitfalls and ensure that your purchase is perfect, seek out experts in Pakistani rugs. This way, you know that what you are purchasing is exactly what you want and nothing less. When buying a Pakistani rug online. Alrug offers several ways to buy – including ordering a custom size online . So that customers can ensure they’re ordering exactly what they need without any surprises. A Pakistani rug should fit well in its environment; don’t settle for anything less than ideal! Alrug also specializes in Pakistani rugs and has a wide selection online. While many vendors specialize in oriental rugs, Alrug’s experts are qualified to help you with all kinds of Pakistani rugs.

Taking care of your Pakistani rug

If you own a Pakistani rug, it’s essential to take proper care of it. Washing your Pakistani rug by hand or dry cleaning.  It regularly will keep dust from collecting and help prevent color loss over time. To clean a Pakistani rug. Find an area large enough for your rug. And fill two buckets with cool water: one bucket filled with warm water and 1/4 cup liquid dish soap. And another bucket filled with cold water.

Soak your Pakistani rug in cold water first, scrubbing any stains gently with a soft brush if necessary. After rinsing out all of the soapy water. Soak your Pakistani rug in warm water until most of it has  absorb into the fibers. Then rinse thoroughly before hanging up to dry (or laying flat) away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators or heating vents. Once completely dry, store your Pakistani rug in a room temperature place free from moisture. And humidity to ensure that no mold grows underneath or around its edges. To learn more about caring for your Pakistani rug, contact Alrug today!

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