Dental veneer abroad: what reimbursement?

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Dental care abroad: what reimbursement?

Considered a purely aesthetic treatment, dental veneers are not part of the care paid by Social Security and can generate a significant out-of-pocket expense. To benefit from this treatment at a lower cost, more and more patients are therefore turning to dental tourism.

What reimbursement for your dental veneers abroad?

Price and reimbursement of a dental veneer in Spain

In France, a dental veneer is billed for around €800 per unit. In our partner dental clinics in Spain, they will be offered to you from 500€. This price difference is mainly explained by the favorable economic situation in Spain, but also by the policy of fair prices implemented within the EL CEDRO clinics in Barcelona and Tenerife.

Since dental veneers are not covered by Social Security, you can still save up to nearly 38% by choosing to go to one of our partner clinics in Spain to have them done for you. you pose. Your health insurance company may also offer you reimbursement depending on the coverage provided in your contract.

Price and reimbursement of a dental veneer in Hungary

Dental veneers are not part of the care offered by our partner clinics in Budapest. Be aware, however, that the zirconium crown is a very good alternative to the dental veneer and that it is available for €380 at our partner dentists in Hungary. Unlike dental veneers, Social Security participates in the reimbursement of dental crowns, up to 70% of its reimbursement base, ie €84 per crown. The same goes for the reimbursement of a dental bridge if you need to replace several teeth.

If you want to know the different care solutions adapted to your dental situation, you can obtain free comparative quotes.

The advantages of having dental veneers abroad

In addition to benefiting from high-quality dental care at prices much lower than those offered in France, going to Spain to have your dental veneers done will allow you to visit a particularly attractive tourist destination.

Whether you choose the EL CEDRO dental clinic in Barcelona or the one in Tenerife, you can indeed enjoy the beach between your dental appointments and discover the fascinating Spanish culture: gastronomy, music, history, architecture… Your coordinator on site will do its best to make your dental stay a fully satisfactory experience.

Dental veneer: what reimbursement by Social Security and mutual insurance?

Reimbursement of a dental veneer by Social Security

The placement of dental veneers is considered a purely aesthetic treatment, it is not funded by Social Security. To obtain coverage, you will therefore have to turn to your mutual insurance company or consider an alternative treatment reimbursed by health insurance, such as the fitting of a dental crown, example.

Reimbursement of a dental veneer by the mutual

Some mutuals offer packages for aesthetic dental care such as veneers or dental whitening. Once your dentist has given you his estimate, you will have all the elements to obtain a reimbursement estimate from your mutual insurance company. If this does not satisfy you, you can always consider changing mutual insurance before starting your treatment.

The comparator of mutual insurance for reimbursements of dental veneers

To help you choose the best health insurance for your dental veneers, be aware that there are online health insurance comparators that will allow you to identify the contracts best suited to your needs. After answering a few questions about your family situation and your health needs, you will indeed be redirected to the offers corresponding to your search criteria and can, if you wish, subscribe to a new mutual insurance company that takes better care of dental veneers.

These comparators have also become more popular for other types of care, such as dental implants. Considered as off-nomenclature by Social Security, dental implants are not funded.

Reimbursement of dental veneers: what steps?

Reimbursement of a dental veneer: which documents for the mutual?

To obtain reimbursement for your dental veneers from your dental mutual, you must send them the dental estimate that will have been given to you by your dentist. Depending on the coverage provided by your contract, you may benefit from partial or total coverage of your dental expenses.

Reimbursement of a dental veneer: Smile Partner supports you

To facilitate obtaining your reimbursements for your dental veneers placed abroad, your Smile Partner adviser will accompany you in your steps with your mutual insurance company. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us!

Reimbursement of a dental veneer: the 4 most asked questions

How is a dental veneer funded?

Dental veneers are not reimbursed by Social Security. Only your mutual will be able to offer you partial or total coverage depending on your contract. Before starting your treatment, we therefore you to get in touch with your mutual insurance company to find out the conditions for advising taking charge of dental veneers.

Are dental veneers funded with the 100% health reform?

No, dental veneers are not affected by the 100% health reform, unlike other treatments such as dental prostheses. They are still not covered by Social Security.

How long does it take to get reimbursed for dental veneers?

The reimbursement period for dental veneers varies according to the mutual insurance companies. Do not hesitate to ask about your complementary health insurance before starting your treatment to find out the average treatment times.

Does CMU cover dental veneers?

Dental veneers are not covered by PUMA (Universal Health Protection), previously known as CMU. If you wish to use dental veneers but the prices offered by your usual dentist seem too high, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for the placement of veneers in one of our partner clinics in Spain.

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