3 Months in France, it’s over! Assessment, Projects: The Adventure Continues!

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Three intense months passed at lightning speed between meetings, adventure travels, blogging and others. And, some questions for the future. So, this return? What’s next?

During these three months, Bezons near Paris was my base. A couple of friends, who had a spare room, helped me out a lot! The roommate was super nice, thank you Laure, you’re great!

A real pleasure to see everyone again! Because yes, I was happy to go back, see family and friends again, and enjoy France in the summer colors (well ok, it was average for once given the weather :-)).

Meetings, and more meetings!

I also met a lot of US travel bloggers, especially in the field of travel. Each time, it was very nice moment. And it was a pleasure to meet someone with whom I had been talking for many months! No surprise live! What pleasant encounters!

I couldn’t see everyone (eh Chris, Elisa, Marie-Ange, and Martin!;-)), but it’s only a postponement!

I also discovered in Paris the aperitif travelers organized by the association Les Passeurs d’Aventure. Nice gatherings and nice meetings! If you’re in the area (half the time, it happens in Paris) don’t miss it!

A few trips too!

I was lucky, I received two invitations, and two blog trips, while I was in France! And not least! As you know, I was invited to Philadelphia and Ghent in Belgium. Beautiful trips, an organization with small onions, in short, nothing to complain about!

Every time, I said to myself “ooh, all thanks to a travel blog! ” It’s crazy!

I also went to Belarus for a week with a friend. A special journey in a special and closed country. I will tell you about it at the end of the week on the blog!

Preaux, Ardeche & Co.

The rest of the time, in addition to a visit to Toulouse, Grenoble, and Lyon, I spent it between Paris (friends) and a village in Ardeche: Preaux. That’s where I grew up. This month, I even stayed there for two weeks, the area is so calm, beautiful, and summery!

A digital nomad is also the best for working green in the countryside! The summer sun, the countryside, the calm, beautiful starry skies, what more could you ask for?

Looking back, I realize that I moved a lot. Limit too even! I wanted to make the most of France, what do you want!

Frankly, I haven’t been very productive during these three months… Instinct Voyageur has progressed well all the same (turnover and visits), like Flying.

So, I launched my first guide, the atopic method for traveling in peace and safety. Nearly 60 copies sold all the same which is not so bad for a first ebook. I expected better in fact, but I based myself on precedents which are in fact exceptions.

And then, the theme is quite specific. In the end, I’m happy with the result. I had good feedback, and that is the most important! A version for kindle (ideal for travel) will follow shortly!

Afterward, if I think about the time, I spent writing and designing the guide, it’s clear that it was not very profitable… But it’s really an exercise that I loved!

And then, it was also an opportunity to meet some actors from the world of travel and to forge some links. And also, to officially create my little “business”!

The following

I asked myself a lot of questions about my future, especially at the beginning. It is, I believe, a little difficult to escape from it during a “return”. In addition, the weather was quite depressing during the first weeks!

However, this one was still much easier than the others! First of all, I knew I was going to leave. And then, above all, I have this activity that I love, and which allows me to do it! This is a big change from my previous mother daughter trips, and it changes everything! It’s really a great satisfaction, I won’t hide it from you!

This return from South America was a bit like a chapter closing. Hence an assessment and questions for the future. On the balance sheet, it’s great! Never when I left, I would have thought to arrive where I am and to have created my profession! It’s fantastic on that side!

Suddenly, having greatly exceeded my objectives (at the beginning, IV was only supposed to help me finance my trip), I was a little taken aback by the rest. What to do? To continue or “to fall into line” and look for a salaried job, while continuing the blog?

I am proud of the success of my project so far. However, I understand sustaining this activity is undoubtedly a greater challenge! If I want to spend a few months in France and really professionalize it (not to mention a possible family), I must increase my turnover. But I’m not sure I really want it if it means less “pleasure”.

I don’t know about you, but coming back after a long period like that, in one’s universe, one’s familiar environment means that one can find oneself out of step. Already that I am because of this activity which is particular and uncommon… And then, it must be said that in France, at the moment, it is not a great joy.

I assure you; it didn’t take me very long to decide to continue the adventure! I couldn’t see myself stopping so soon on such a good path when in the end, I have no real reason to do so! I love what I do, there is no shortage of projects, and this type of work allows for a way of life that I really enjoy! It suits me well!

So, I continue at least for a year, I will do a review next year!

For now, head to Colombia again! I just landed there! Bad luck, I have pain in my left calf, maybe tendonitis (following a long period of running in France), or worse, phlebitis. Well, I’m going to have to go and consult as soon as I arrive, bad luck!

I also plan to go to Ecuador and maybe Venezuela! Back in December in France! A trip project in West Africa (the return!), a little special, is taking shape, I will tell you about it!

This time, I assured, in my bag, I bring back some sausages and some cheeses :-).

And for my Colombian friends, I took great care in choosing the cheeses that “stink” the most :-).

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