Syncler App No Data, No Links Available & Crashing [Fixed May 2022]

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You are probably already familiar with Syncler. Syncler has taken its place after the sad passing of TVZion. It is a fork of TVZion, and its popularity has been boosted by the fact that it can not suffer the same fate as TVZion.

Errors Resolved

We will be discussing Syncler Buffering Errors, No Data & Crashing Errors in this post and offer a solution. We hope that you will eliminate Syncler errors completely.

Syncler APK No Data Error

You may be seeing a page that states No data upon launching Syncler. If this is the case, then follow the steps below to fix it.

Method 1

  • Launch the Syncler app.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • You will find a Refresh time option in the Sources List.
  • Set the option to 15 seconds.
  • Then, you can simply clear the cache and Data for the application from the settings of the device where Syncler has been installed.


If Method 1 fails, please verify your Network Connection and make sure your internet connection or mobile data are working properly.

A blank screen occurs when clicking on any movie

This is because the Trakt Authentication token expired. The Cloud Backups can’t share the same device authentication. All you need to do is go to settings > Accounts > Trakt to see ” Account Status is loading”. You can then re-authenticate Trakt’s account.

Syncler App No Links Available

Syncler cannot fetch links by itself. To fetch links, you will need to either register an add-on or use your Debrid account. The app still doesn’t fetch any links after you have done all the necessary. This could be due to an issue with your internet connection or because the links you need aren’t yet available. If you’re looking for a new title, please wait for high-quality links.

Syncler App Not Working/Stopped Working

If your Syncler app is not working after a while, then there could be an issue with the cache.

  • Navigate to Settings > Notifications on your device, and then select Syncler from the list.
  • Go to Storage and hit Clear Cache.
  • Restart Syncler.

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Syncler App No Server Available

The Server not available error that you’ve enlisted on Synchron might be caused by a lot of users trying to access the server that day. Wait for traffic to calm down and your access request will be processed.

Syncler App Crashing

Two things could be causing the Synchronizer application to crash. You may have an older version of Syncler on your device that you need to update to the most current version. Or you might have an updated version that is not compatible with your device’s specifications. In the first case, please upgrade Syncler. If the crashing persists, then you will need to downgrade Syncler to the version you used before the update.

Syncler App Buffering Issue

It is possible that your internet connection is not strong enough if you experience buffering problems and audio/video delay when playing Syncler titles. If your internet connection is strong, the title is unavailable for you. To watch this title, you will need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service. This allows you to switch your IP to another location.

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Syncler Not able to Install/Not Install

Make sure you follow the correct steps in order to install Syncler onto a compatible device. We have included links below that will allow you to review the steps of installing Syncler.

Syncler App No Subtitles Coming Up/ Subtitles Issue

Syncler app supports subtitles for more than 200 languages. You will need to enable subtitles when you are watching a video. This can be done by clicking the Settings or Gear icons at the bottom right of the player as the video plays. If you’re unable to activate subtitles, you can try the steps below.

  • To stream any video on Syncler, click on Play and Subtitles
  • You will be asked to choose the language to display the subtitles.
  • You will then see subtitles appearing.
  • To be able to Play with Subtitles, you must first play content from Syncler in or Player.

Source Playback failed Error

This is happening because syncler has no control over the playback of the source and ongoing RD maintenance is affecting users of their service. We don’t have a solution at this time, but we will get it posted as soon as we receive an update.

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Syncler not getting the right results.

Users have been complaining about not receiving the correct results. The results you get when you search for a movie are not relevant. Here’s a solution.

  • You can disable Trakt Advance Mode, or use IMDB Search.
  • Navigate to settings. Click on content. Next, click on Trakt Catalogue. Finally, click on Advance Mod. Simply tap on it to turn it OFF. That’s all.

Final words – Syncler app not streaming/No links available, buffering issues

These are the most common issues that Syncler users face. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the comments section below.


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