Things You Should Do When In Goa for Your Next Trip

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Are you planning a holiday with your friends or family? If yes then you can plan a visit to Goa. You have no idea how this place has become a great tourist destination for people across the world. You would see no just the Indians but also people from abroad visiting this region of the country. After all, Goa has so much to offer you.

You can easily get Goa tour package from Delhi and ensure that you have a memorable time there. After all, Goa will not disappoint you in any way. Whether amazing adventure, unwinding, partying, strolling through the nature or simply experiencing different food items; you would get everything. Here are some things that you should definitely do once you are in the region of Goa.

Amble at Calangute: Beach 

This is the biggest beach in the realm of Goa and reserves a spot amidst most popular beaches therein. You should also know that this is a splendid beach that is also the commercialized and busiest beaches in Goa during the time of peak seasons. The beach is full with people from around the world. It offers a stretched coastline blended with a stunning view of sea and beach front is scattered with restaurants, shacks, clubs and shopping outlets.  You can even perform different water sports at this beach once you are there.

For example, an amazing and adventurous water sport that you should give a try at this place during your vacation is, Jet Skiing. It is a perfect prescription of adrenaline for visitors of all age groups. The activity is enjoyed by everyone as an individual enjoys the mood of refreshing wind in their face blended with droplets of water, haste and endless variety of sapphire waters of Arabian Sea.  In case you are panic that you would be in the rolling water and it might be a threat to the life then you are mistaken. There are proper and effective safety measures taken by the experts to ensure the safety of the jet skiing participants. Hence, you would have a great time for sure.

Archives Museum

The Museum of Goa is spotted at a new building at the Patto Plaza near the ourem creek, Panaji. There are approximately eight thousand interesting artefacts included in this museum. These make this spot one of the top destinations to visit in Goa. The place exhibits temples Sculptures, that of Colonial Era Artefacts, Hero Stones, even Jain Bronzes, and Photos of Prehistoric stunning Rock Carvings and so on.  You would get a rich experience once you get there.

A visit to historic Fort Agued:

You should visit to this fort when you are in Goa. It is a gorgeously preserved seventeenth century Portuguese fort.  The fort is snuggled on the Siqueira Beach in North Goa. It was constructed as the chief defence of Portuguese against Dutch as well as Marathas. The fort was the most crucial fort of Portuguese. The fort is surrounded with thick battlements blended with deep dry ditch. Once you go to this fort you are going to witness two things namely thirteen metre high lighthouse constructed in year 1864 and a curved cistern that is in a position to store nearly ten million litres of absolutely fresh water. 

Thrill and Relaxation at Bega beach 

Bega Beach is the most popular and busy and lively beach of Goa. It is loved for   its remarkable nightlife, fine beach parties, and scrumptious seafood delicacies. In case you love   drinking, rush and even dancing to exciting music, then you must definitely visit this beach. You can even relish a salt bath at this place. Don’t miss the overall mesmeric sunset and splendid sun rise views!

Explore the exciting Water Sports

The main attractions of Goa are the huge range of adventurous type of water sports that draw groups of tourists from all corners of the overall world every single year. Folks visiting to this gorgeous and bright place enjoy heart throbbing activities such as surfing, water-skiing, scuba diving,  snorkelling, jet-skiing, fly boarding, even parasailing, boogie boarding, windsurfing coupled with deep sea fishing. Hence , these sports have the potential to pack you with energy as well as enjoyment during your holiday in Goa. 

Pandava Caves

Nearly nine kms to the south of Bicholim town in North Goa is nestled the 6th century Pandava cave complex   and even Arvalem waterfalls. The cave complex is absolutely branched into 5 compartments and the ‘Linga’ preserved in the middle of compartment is held in massive reverence by devotees at this place. Similarly, another attraction near to the Arvalem caves is the well-known Arvalem waterfalls. The water sprinkling down from an altitude of fifty mts makes for an attractive view. Similarly there is a park too nearby from where you can easily witness the waterfall as well as the huge sized lake at the bottom.  Hurry up, go visit this amazing spot once you are in Goa.

Visit Bom Jesus Basilica

It is clearly one of the world famous tourist places in Goa. It is branded by Baroque architecture and sophisticated detailing, carved from basalt embellishments. It is one of the priciest facades in Goa. Furthermore, The Basilica of Bom Jesus is well-known for conserving the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The stylish church is absolutely famous across the Roman Catholic world. You can get some amazing memories at this spot.

Aguada Fort

Tourism in Goa is imperfect without a visit to this popular Fort Aguada; it is strategically spotted at the estuary of the river Mondovi. On the north side of this amazing fort, you can find a wall of red-brown type of laterite just into the bay to form a quay between two tiny sandy coves. You can call this picturesque spot Sinquerim Beach.


To sum up , you can check out goa trip package from Delhi and ensure you have a memorable time. You would definitely get some amazing pictures, experiences and adventures in Goa on your trip! Remember, without spending much, you would have a refreshing experience for sure.


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