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People who are interested in what you have to say in your marketing should read your website, print ads, emails, and direct mail to learn more about you.

You need to pay attention to this, because copywriting is your “salesperson on the Internet,” “in print, and in the mail.” and great salesmanship leads to great sales. It doesn’t work very well to be a bad salesman.

This is a list of copywriting tips that will help you get better results for your business. These are based on our copywriting work for more than 450 businesses since 1978, which shows that they work well for people.

People think about these things when they read marketing copy from you, so this is a list of what they think. Everything should be on this list. If you do this, your marketing results will go up a lot.

If you want me to buy or use your product or service, you’d better know what I want. In either case, I won’t even notice you.

2. How do you spend your time? Is it going to help me? I need to know “what’s in it for me” right away, or I’m out.

3. Why should I trust you?

– why should I listen to you?

5. Make it easy for me to read, understand, navigate, and “scan” your marketing material. This is the fifth thing you should do.

6. I want a specialist in your field who can help me with my situation, my needs, or my type of business.

Do not bore me! A lot of the things I don’t like are corporate talk, business buzz words, and nonsense. People don’t want to read a lot of the business marketing that is out there.

8. I want to know everything about the products, how they work, how much they cost, how long it takes to get them, and how to get them. A study found that a lot of buyers said that these kinds of information were not easy to find.

It doesn’t make sense for me to read copywriting from a company that doesn’t have any feelings.

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10. I won’t say this out loud, but I buy things based on how I feel. As long as you can make me feel good, I’ll be more likely to buy from you than if you don’t.

11. I want more than just work in my life. I want to do more than work. I want to save time, work, and stress.

This is number 12. Make it easy for me. Many things you say I can do have me a little lost. What should I do right now?

13. Don’t fill up your website or brochure with useless information. Only give me the information I need and want to read about. Because I don’t want to read all the useless “filler” information on the web anymore, I won’t read through it any more!

14. Compare your product or service to your competitors and tell me if it is as good as you say it is, or if it isn’t. If you show any favouritism to me, I’ll be able to see right through it!

15. Don’t be vague; generalities go right into my trash can.

In this case, what’s your promise?

In this case, how can I try out your product, service, or company before I make a big deal?

18. Make it easier for me to show my boss that the money I spent was worth it.

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This is why one website, direct mail piece, or ad can get 2 to 3 times as many responses as another one for the same product or service if these copywriting tips are used the right way. Why do the best marketers hire the best freelance copywriters they can afford? Because this is why they do it.

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