The 5 Best Men’s Chinos Available in 2022

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While there are many interesting designs of pants to choose from, there are only a few that can be considered necessary. Of course, the two vitalities on the polar extremes of the pants spectrum are jeans and sweatpants, but the best chinos for men fall just in between the two.

With nearly every garment company in the globe giving their own take on the classic workplace staple, it can be difficult to figure out which precise fit and fabric would best suit your needs and fashion sense, especially when a quick search of the internet yields over 500 distinct pairs of chinos.


Uniqlo is a great place to start because it’s a wardrobe staple from Japan to America. These slim-fit pants give a high-end spin on a pretty affordable pair of chinos while managing not to sacrifice on quality, style, or feel, thanks to their stretchy, lightweight blend of cotton and a hint of spandex.


Dickies is the brand that most people associate with a basic pair of work pants. This staple brand, which has been doing it for almost 99 years straight away, will undoubtedly show up on a gathering of the best boots similar to Doc Martens. There’s practically no real way to turn out badly at such a low value, on account of their powerful kink safe mix of polyester and cotton. Simply said, if you don’t already own a pair, go out and get one right now.


Certainly, everyone is aware of what Levi’s brings to the table in terms of denim, but they also offer high-quality clothing in other areas. For example, the heritage brand’s XX Chino Pant has been dubbed “the ultimate WFH chinos,” and few phrases have seemed more vital to exploit in the past year-and-a-half as that one. These sustainable chinos are made from a combination of cotton, elastane, and polyester and come in a variety of colours to match any blazer in your closet. They also include an elastic waistband with a concealed drawstring for more adjustability.


It’s easy to assume that no one will be using Everlane’s 365-day warranty for such a high-quality pair of elastic, lightweight chinos. The 6 percent elastane in its structure provides for a pair of trousers that may even work in your favour if you find yourself on a short jog. In order to ensure fabric strength and the right fading, Everlane put their Performance Chino through 50 wash cycles.


Huckleberry’s home image never disheartens with regards to closet staples, and these flexible jeans are an incredible pick for any event. Flint & Tinder chinos are made from 98 percent cotton and 2% gabardine on 100 percent American soil, and they manage to combine subtlety, style, and practicality all in one. The U.S.-based team, like other businesses, is fully aware of how many different shapes the chino has taken, and they’re seeking to produce a pair that’s best suited to their consumer base.


It’s essential to have the perfect summer khaki chino pants. What’s not to like about chino shorts? They’re durable, adaptable, and comfy. Simply said, they’re the greatest summer men’s shorts.

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