Types Of Mushroom Supplements That Support Body & Mind

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Coronavirus has made people realize the significance of maintaining health. For enjoying the fruits of life, it’s very crucial to preserve good health, both mentally and physically. Mushroom supplements have gained huge importance around the globe. It’s because of the healing & medicinal properties functional mushrooms inherit naturally. Keep in mind that these are different from psychedelic mushrooms. Such mushrooms don’t possess hallucinogenic effects. 

The article will cover the different types of mushrooms (containing unique effects) that promote health and overall wellbeing. 

Seven Species of Therapeutic Mushrooms

➤Lion’s Mane Mushroom 

Lion’s mane mushroom is also called yamabushitake or hou tou gu. The appearance of the mushroom is large, shaggy, and white in colour that resembles the king of the jungle, the lion. Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, and Korea have used it for a long time. Many older adults have ordered medicinal mushrooms in Australia and various other parts of the world; the main ingredient is Lion’s mane to protect against dementia.

➤Reishi Mushroom

It’s a popular Eastern medicine that has been in usage for ancient times. The shape of the mushroom is of a fan, and some say like a kidney. It has a mixture of two colours: red and orange. There are numerous health benefits associated with it, but the most prominent one is the stimulation of the immune system. In addition, it’s convenient to get organic reishi mushroom supplements in Australia

➤Chaga Mushroom 

Majorly found in Siberia, the fungi are rich in antioxidants that boost immunity and, most importantly, are beneficial for patients suffering from depression. They grow on birch trees in extremely low temperatures and look like rock. The mushroom is low in calories and also high in fibre. 

➤Cordyceps Mushroom 

Cordyceps are grown on the larvae of insects that have been consumed throughout the history of China. The look is strange as it’s different from other medicinal mushrooms. You can either find it in brown or bright orange. The primary benefit it offers is to improve the health of kidneys and also treat tiredness and low-sex drive. 

➤Tremella Mushroom 

The appearance of the tremella mushroom is like a loofah. The mushroom has high water content, which means it can prevent the issues of dehydration & detoxify the body. Hydrate fungi are good for the skin. This mushroom has a high level of vitamin D, supporting bone & brain health.  

➤Turkey Tail Mushroom 

Turkey’s tail contains health compounds that benefit overall health. The name is derived due to its striking colour. It keeps the balance of good bacteria in the human body that is pivotal for the gut. Hence, it boosts the helpful bacteria in your body that maintain the gut & digestive health.

➤Maitake Mushroom 

Japanese also call it dancing mushroom. It resembles a dancing figure; however, it possesses incredible healing properties. It’s one kind of adaptogens like pine pollen and astragalus root that promotes health, vitality, and longevity. People suffering from type 2 diabetes can have it as it lowers cholesterol levels and provides energy. 

These are the seven outstanding mushrooms that aim to protect your health. Moreover, you can have them in delicious styles, such as the sprinkling of mushroom powder on salads or getting a mushroom latte for a delightful coffee. 

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