Affenpinscher Personality And Temperament

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3.	Affenpinscher Personality And Temperament

Affenpinscher love their humans, but they like adults more. When held on your lap, Affens may want to jump anytime they like. Also, they’re not into rough plays and chasing. Meanwhile, adult parents will enjoy Affen’s loving and protective side.

As with all dogs, Affens should be exposed to socialization early in life. It includes interaction with a variety of people, sounds, sights, and experiences. This will help your Affen grow friendly, versatile, and outgoing. You may also sign him up for a pup kindergarten class and invite some visitors to the house more often. Taking your dog to a busy park or a dog-friendly shop and strolling him around the neighborhood are also excellent ways to develop social skills.

Affenpinscher is likely to get along with other cats and dogs. But toy breeds like Affens, not knowing they’re small, tend to take on larger dogs, so get yourself prepared to protect your Affen.

Make an appointment with your pet hospital Burlington, ON if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.

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