What are the Benefits of Courier Booking Management System?

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The courier industry has changed drastically in recent years as a result of technology improvements. The development of the on-demand economy is altering the way deliveries are delivered on a regular basis.

Today’s courier firms are going to great lengths to provide value to their clients, who want quality, adaptability, and speed, in order to keep them and attract new ones. This is driving the development of courier dispatch software that can simplify and optimize the supply chain.

Courier management system

It’s simple to send out a few daily deliveries, but once you start getting a lot more, managing delivery operations becomes difficult. With more orders, there are more parcels, delivery routes, and drivers.

Courier Booking management software makes it easier to arrange all of the procedures involved in getting an item from order to doorstep, increases the efficiency of delivery services, and saves time and money.

Benefits of Courier Management System

1. Increase the speed of delivery

Your drivers will have more time to deliver more orders if you make deliveries faster. To accomplish so, they must take the shortest and quickest delivery route possible, one that includes all of their destinations.

Using a delivery management system simplifies the route planning and driver allocation process by allowing algorithms to do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to waste time manually calculating each route. You can simply submit your list of delivery addresses into Circuit for Teams’ route planning and optimization tool.

Our system distributes orders to your delivery crew in a matter of seconds, determines the shortest route for each delivery driver, and provides dispatchers with a complete picture of the delivery process.

2. Organize your drivers

It’s critical for dispatchers and supervisors to be able to efficiently manage and monitor each team member. Calling drivers or requesting them to check in with dispatchers on a regular basis while on a delivery route takes time.

courier management system

Circuit for Teams makes it simple to add or delete drivers from the system, logging names, cars utilised, and contact information, because it was created with driver teams in mind. Through messaging and real-time route tracking, the Circuit for Teams smartphone app connects drivers and dispatchers directly, allowing for easy communication and monitoring.

3. Expand Your Company

Circuit for Teams allows you to manage a single driver or a group of over 100. Circuit’s cost is determined by the number of drivers you have, and our algorithms can optimise routes with up to 500 stops, so there’s lots of space for expansion.

You may focus on other elements of your business to fleet fuel management system future development by freeing up time you were previously spending for route planning, making calls to drivers, and receiving calls from consumers.

Demand for your goods might change month to month, and Circuit for Teams allows you to scale up or down your team of drivers to stay up with such fluctuations.

4. Decrease the amount of time you waste

Anyone who has tried manually optimising delivery routes understands how time consuming it is. Circuit users, such as courier firms and delivery companies, are well aware of how much time our delivery management software saves them by streamlining the whole delivery process.

Drivers save time by avoiding route retracing and limiting erroneous turns while using optimised routing. Recipient alerts guarantee that someone is available to accept delivery of each product placed into the delivery vehicle.

Our proof of delivery function guarantees that consumers are kept up to date on the status of their purchase through email or SMS. reducing the number of times they need to contact you for assistance.

5. Maintain Customer Satisfaction

You may be in command of the entire process, from order to delivery, and create a unique customer experience. By using delivery management software to run your own delivery operations.

courier management system

When your consumers ask for information, you can deliver it to them in real time thanks to real-time driver tracking. When delays occur, Circuit sends them automated status updates and provides dispatchers with route information. It may be sent on to waiting clients as needed, ensuring that the delivery process runs as smoothly as possible.

6. Lower Your Fuel Costs

Using the most effective ways to deliver your items saves not just time but also fuel for your delivery company.

Circuit constantly analyses traffic conditions and recalculates routes to save gasoline by reducing idle time in congested areas.

Returning to an address to redeliver an item costs your business time and money that you won’t get back. Circuit’s precise ETAs and recipient alerts ensure that when your driver knocks on the door, someone will be there.

7. Organize During Busy Times

Circuit’s delivery management software allows you to effortlessly scale up to meet increased demand during peak hours. Unrestricted route optimization allows you to make delivery routes longer or shorter as needed.

The Recipient plan is the next level up, and it includes electronic evidence of delivery. A photo of the package drop-off location or a signature, as well as real-time tracking updates. Ideal for the busiest times of the year.

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