Essentials Steps You Must Take Care of Before You Start Your First PPC Campaign

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For marketing your brand, adopting digital marketing strategies inclusive of PPC can be effective. In the view of the PPC management company in Delhi, Value4Brand, when you are planning the first campaign in this regard, you should know what to do beforehand. There are certain essential steps to take care of. These can ensure that when you create and finally launch the pay-per-click campaign, it achieves the aim you had set.

In Brief: The Aim of Launching PPC Campaigns

For those who are new to PPC, it is always good to be clearer about its aim and how you can benefit. This part of digital marketing takes care of brand awareness in a significant way. This awareness can lead to a rise in your website’s traffic. Your other objectives that are a part of the larger aim such as getting leads can further be accomplished with pay-per-click campaigns.

3 Steps to Perform before Launching Your First PPC Campaign

Your first PPC campaign can invite a lot of effort. To make sure that this effort counts, you should know what to do before its launch. It will be helpful to identify the type of advertising, keywords, and customers you want to prefer. These are the basis of launching the first ad with success.

Decide the Type of PPC Advertising

It is important to know that pay-per-click advertising is of several types. Thus, your goals can be achieved in different ways. That is why, prior to the launch of the first campaign, you should be certain about the type of PPC advertising to go with.

Some of these types are inclusive of:

● Display advertisements for targeting users and increasing brand awareness
● Paid search marketing on engines like Google for organic growth
● Affiliate marketing for your overall growth
● Advertising via social media for engagement

Be Aware of the Right Keywords

Before your PPC campaign starts, see to it that you are able to identify the right keywords to be used. You can also go by the types of keyword matches for strongly laying the foundation of this campaign. The digital marketing agency in India, Value4Brand, suggests that broad match is one of these types. Via this, you can find keywords that are the most important to your brand or product in specific.

Additionally, there are 3 more types of matches to decide from:

● Phrase match for matching the queries of users
● Broad match modification for relating to most queries searched by users
● Exact match to use keywords that exactly match user queries

Identify Keywords to Exclude

Since the target of PPC campaigns is to attract potential users, you should create relevant ads. So to say, they should include keywords for targeting the right people. Keywords that divert this purpose are considered to be negative. Therefore, while you identify the right keywords to use, also watch out for the negative keywords to be excluded.

Pen Down the Customer Person

The most essential step to do before going for the first pay-per-click campaign is to be aware of your customers. This can be done the best through customer persona identification. This practice lets you write the habits, demographics, search queries, etc. of your targeted customers. Hence, the success of the campaign can be widened eventually.


Launching the first PPC ad may seem complex to newbies. When you are prepared beforehand, the actual task of creating it will be less challenging. By doing so, there will also be better chances of the campaign succeeding and bringing in good leads along with awareness.

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