How to beat the fear of competitive exams

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Are you among those who start biting their nails when exams come close? Are you working hard but still have fear of failing the competitive exam? Is this phobia overpowering you and becoming a strenuous job for you to beat it? Relax! keep your worries at a bay. You can easily beat the fear of competitive exams with the help of some methodologies. Are you eager to know those strategies? If yes, then this article will provide you with each and every step that can help you annihilate your stress so that you can keep your chin up while preparing for this arduous exam.

You may want to chop off everything that depletes your energy and acts as a hurdle in your way to success. Well, the prime factor is ‘stress’. So, be optimistic enough to beat stress and prepare calmly for the competitive exam. There might be enormous reasons behind your stress. So, to get rid of its root cause, you need to find the reason behind stress. If any doubt related to the bank exam is keeping you under extreme pressure, you need to clarify that doubt by approaching an illustrious source that provides the best bank coaching. However, if you have any other reason, the tips mentioned in this article will surely work miraculously for you.

Here are some proven ways that will help you beat the fear of the competitive exam: 

Be positive

Do you know the miracles of positive thinking? Let us tell you when your feet start getting cold with the extreme stress of the exam, then it is only your positive thinking that will help you counter it. Keep chanting, ‘I will pass the exam’. Well, don’t let this thinking make you overconfident. Where confidence upgrades your performance, overconfidence ruins your performance. So, keep working laboriously because chanting thoughts is not enough to crack the exam.

Make sure to study with a positive attitude to achieve better possible results. Don’t just study to complete the syllabus, instead, study to learn something new everyday. Just reading is not sufficient for effective exam preparation. You need to dive into the concept to have in-depth knowledge of it. Well, if you fail to grasp anything while preparing for the SSC exam, rather than losing hope, it is better to contact an eminent platform that offers excellent SSC coaching.



Studying continuously in hassle gives you extreme stress, which gives birth to fear. That’s why it is imperative to keep your mind and body relaxed while preparing for the competitive exam. Therefore, include short breaks in your study schedule to refresh yourself and regain your focus. Either you can take a catnap during your break or you can do things that make you feel happy. Don’t try to scroll through social media as it can disturb your mind and lower your productivity. Try to prefer a productive option that will help you in relieving stress.


Abide by a healthy routine 

Following a healthy routine can eliminate your stress to a greater extent. Improve your dietary habits and include stress-buster and brain food items in your diet chart. Here is a list of some healthy food options you can add to your daily diet:

  • Add food items rich in omega-3 such as walnuts, fish, salmon etc.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables regularly such as spinach, cabbage, beet greens etc.
  • Shun the consumption of caffeinated drinks and intake enough water to keep yourself active for the whole day.
  • Avoid sweets and sugary food items. If you crave to eat something sweet, you have dark chocolate.

Well, the healthy routine is not just limited to healthy food. You also need to maintain your weight and physical health by exercising regularly. This is how you can save yourself from spoiling the exam preparation because of health issues and thus keep yourself stress-free.


Don’t compare yourself with others 

Throughout the preparation phase, candidates usually call their friends to know where their preparation stands. When they get to know that their friends have completed half of the syllabus and they haven’t done it yet, it gives them extreme stress. It brings fear to their minds regarding whether they will be able to complete the exam syllabus on time or not. So, don’t pay attention to anyone, just be yourself and do what suits you.  Otherwise, you will end up thinking about your competitors and won’t be able to grasp anything.

Is the fear of the banking exam overpowering you because of a lack of preparation? If so, then eliminate your fear and amp up your performance by contacting an apt institute that conducts excellent bank coaching.


  • Ask doubts 

Can you appear in the examination hall confidently and brazenly by having enormous doubts in your mind? Of Course not! Doubts give birth to stress which is the root cause of fear. So, you need to clarify every doubt pondering in your mind to directly target your stress. Scrutinize your preparation, go through every topic and jot down every doubt related to each topic. Afterward, either you can take help from the internet or you can link with an apt source that can give you proper clarification of doubts one by one.

If you want to attain an in-depth explanation of every topic of the SSC exam, then you can seek help from a marvelous platform that provides the best SSC coaching


Wrapping up

To wrap up, getting worried about something is normal while preparing for a competitive exams. Just evaluate your fear and make every possible effort to deal with it positively. This is how you can walk through the arduous phases smoothly in order to reach your goals.

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