Modern Day Boot Styles for Men

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All footwear trends can come and go, but for men, boots are eternal! Any occasion, outfit, or place you are going to, you can never go wrong if you choose boots. This is why Bata brings you an entire range of boots of different styles to suit your needs and your personality.
Yes, you read that right! There is a wide range of different styles of Modern-Day Boots waiting at the nearest Bata store for you to choose from. If you are not familiar with the different boot styles, or you cannot make up your mind, get a quick sneak peek into the different styles of boots.
1. Plain Toe Boots:
The plain toe boots are the most basic and casual pair of boots suit whichever style you opt for. They do not have any type of ornamentation on the toes, making them ideal for your low-key aesthetics.
2. Cap Toe Boots:
If the plain toe boot is too plain for you and you want to raise it a level without making it too loud, the cap toe boot is for you. The only subtle difference between the two is a cap across the toe in a cap to boot. This minute detail makes your boot a little more informal and casual while preserving the gravity of the plain toe boot.
3. Moc Toe Boots:
If you want to go for a more rough and tough look, you must choose the moc-toe boot. This book is characterized by a crescent-shaped seam that runs across the top of the shoe. It is known as the “moc” toe boot because it was inspired by the moccasins worn by the Native Americans.
4. Chelsea Boots:
If a lace-less, slip-on boot is your thing, Chelsea boot is for you! This boot does not have the struggle of laces but has an elastic band around the ankle that extends up to the tip of the boot. This makes the boot super comfortable, clean, and easy to wear and take off.
5. Chukka Boots:
Most chukkas are desert boots with a crepe rubber sole and give a very casual, informal appearance. For men who want to be a little raw with, keeping the manliness of a boot intact- chukka boot with open lacing and ankle-high design is for you!
6. Work boots:
Nope! We are not talking about the 9-5 work boots here! These boots date way back to when miners would go to work and needed heavier and bulky boots. They are durable, comfortable, and resist weather and terrain adversities. So, if you want to go on an adventure with your style statement high and your foot safe, choose a work boot!
7. Brogue Boots:

If you want to give the plain-toe or cap-toe boots a boost of aesthetic character and refined look, brogue dress boots are exactly what you should go for. These boots are characterized by a slim silhouette, leather sole, and most importantly, perforations that are present along with the boot.

The best part about all these boots is that you can wear them anywhere from a casual outing to a formal get-together, and they will always have your back (rather, your toe). So go to your nearest Bata store and grab the pair of boots that appeals to you the most, and start building your boot collection!

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