Role of Skills in Online IPL Betting

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The Indian Premier League or IPL was launched in 2007, and it took no time to become a sensation among cricket enthusiasts. Each 20-over match played in the IPL is packed with thrill and amusement. Spectacular as it is, it has become a center point for the cricket betting community scattered across the globe. Betting has long been associated with luck and instinct. This tendency poses a question on the part that skills have to play when it comes to IPL betting. 

IPL Betting

If we assume that skills have no role to play here, your bets will be purely based on a hunch, just like betting blindly on the match, having zero ideas about the outcomes, and the probability of each of them materializing. This increases the risk of defeat to a remarkably high level and leaves your chances confined to your luck. 

Moreover, bets based on hunches tempt you to take high risks without going through a cognitive analysis of them. For example, a bet with odds of 9/1 will excite you more even though there is only a 10% chance of that event taking place. While some people might be lucky to make considerable fortunes in such blind bets, it does not hurt to take a few precautions and learn skills that can provide you with an edge over others.   

Factors where Skills make a Difference  

Now, consider the following factors about an IPL match, where skills make a colossal difference in your perspective about the plausibility of an event.   

  • Pitch Conditions: 

It is a well-known fact that the pitch condition has a significant impact on the number of runs scored. Suppose you are proficient enough to understand the pitch report. In that case, you can have decisive information on the difficulty that the batsmen will face and the support that the bowlers can expect to receive from the pitch or vice-a-versa. Thus, you can make up your mind on the time and side on which you should bet. 

  • Toss: 

The toss decides which captain will have the right to choose bowling or batting first. If you can decode the scale of impact the toss will have on the match, you have a better likelihood of getting your bet right. For example, some grounds are typical, and the team batting or bowling first on them has a natural advantage over the rivals. Hence, the team winning the toss on such grounds has a better probability of coming out victorious in the match as well. 

  • Team Composition

You may have complete confidence in one team, but this team doesn’t need to win all the matches straight in line. This is because each team has a different value against each opponent. 

If you examine how many pacers, spinners, batsmen, and all-rounders a team has and what value they can bring on the field against the opposite team, you have the upper hand when you put your stakes on such matches. Distinguish the teams based on their value, and you are one step closer to a favorable result in IPL betting. 

  • Player Statistics

Researching a bit about the players and their record helps bring the prospects in your favor. Knowing which bowler has taken the highest wickets against the current team, which batsmen have hit the most runs against the bowlers of the opponent team etc., supplies crucial insights about the result. 

For example,  Virat Kohli is a rare breed of player who can hit shots all around the ground, so as long as he is in the squad, you know that his team has a fair chance of scoring well or chasing the target score. However, if Virat Kohli is not playing the game due to an injury, it will undoubtedly affect the chances of winning for RCB. 

  • The Correct interpretation of the odds: 

Going through the mathematics of odds goes a long way in refining your bets. For example, if a new team is playing against the current champion team of an IPL, the greater possibility is that the current champions will win the match. Still, the odds in the wager will favor the new team as their victory is less likely. 

It will require an enormous upset for the newcomer team to win. Therefore, betting on a game that is more balanced in terms of team performance provides a better opportunity than betting on a straightforward and one-sided game.  

In Conclusion

Even if intuition is the essence of IPL betting, it cannot be denied that skills play a pivotal role in understanding the odds of success and drawing a logical conclusion about the matches. Given that IPL matches are highly unpredictable, changes happening at every moment can affect the likeliness of you winning the wager. 

However, if you have deployed your skills to decipher the implications of the above factors, you will be able to modify your bids and stay in the game comfortably. Although to a limited degree, it provides control to safeguard your position and have better chances of success. 

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