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Visitability is a new and widely growing concept in the real estate sector and has been widely adopted by real estate developers all across the globe. The term visibility housing refers to a house designed to allow people with disabilities to visit it or live in it easily. It is made with facilities that enable people in wheelchairs or people who have trouble walking to enter the house quickly. 

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Requirements for a visitable house

A house needs to have specific characteristics to be called a visible house. The essential feature of a visitable house is that at least one of the entrances is a no-step entrance. This is to ensure that a person with a walking disability can easily access and live in the first story of the house. Secondly, there needs to be a smooth and firm path of travel from the road to the no-step entrance. The entrance can be at the center or the backside of the house, and the path of travel must be entirely slip-resistant. There are specific measurements given out for the path of travel that the builder or developer must follow. The measurements differ from state to state, and you should check your local rules. All the doors of the house need to be wide and have at least 32 inches of clear passage space so that someone in a wheelchair can quickly pass through. The doors, especially the entrance gate, should have a low or no profile threshold. Another essential factor of a visitable house is that it must have at least one fully functional bathroom on the ground floor. The bathroom must be designed to accommodate disabled people or people in wheelchairs. There should be wide enough space between the toilet and the sink so that a wheelchair could quickly turn in that space. Furthermore, the fixtures placed on the wall need to be at a certain height leaving space beneath them. read  more about Park View City.

Benefits of visitable housing 

Unfortunately, many people in this world have specific disabilities and can not walk. A visitable provides excellent convenience to people with disabilities and easily access the facilities. A visitable house reduces the dependence of disabled people on others and allows them to do their tasks on their own. It provides comfort to disabled people, but it also makes it easier for people with strollers and those carrying heavy equipment or furniture. The features of a visitable house and the main gate are easily accessible. Nothing about life is guaranteed, and hence anything can happen. A visitable house provides more flexibility and is better equipped to deal with changing lifestyles. Thus, a visitable house allows you to be prepared for anything and saves you from getting home renovations if your mobility changes.

Furthermore, in typical cases, people with disabilities generally have to hire personal care services to move around and get their tasks done. However, as mentioned above, a visitable house reduces the dependency of disabled people on others and enables them to carry out many of their tasks. This gives them a sense of independence and reduces the cost of personal care services that otherwise would have been hired. Another benefit of a visitable house is safer for people with disabilities and all. It reduces the quantity of accidents and injuries within a house and is ideal for people with young kids. Invest in Nova City


 “When someone builds a house, they don’t just build it for themselves; the house will exist for the next 100 years’’ said a well-reputed real estate developer. It is essential that while constructing a house, we should try to make it as inclusive as possible. A visitable house brings no disadvantages, and hence it is a concept that all should adopt.

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