What is Voice Search and Why is it Important for SEO?

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The voice search feature is winning over the hearts of people and, as you all might know, it is quite a trend. So why not take advantage of it and enjoy this feature? But before anything else, you must be aware of what it is exactly.

When you search in Google or YouTube by speaking. So this search happens under the voice search engine.

So now you get to know what Voice Search SEO is. Voice Search SEO is a feature that has revolutionized the Internet world, now it has become very easy to search anything on the Internet with the help of Voice Search. Voice Search is such a function, with the help of which you can easily search by speaking anything on the Internet. In earlier times, to search anything on the Internet, it was necessary to type in it. 

Over time, the Internet has become even more advanced like – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, all these search engines have also added a new function Voice Search to their search engine. In today’s time, everyone is using voice search. Voice search SEO Sydney has become very popular between 2018 and 2019. In today’s time, more than 50% of people use Voice Search. Voice search is very easy.

This is rarely seen on the desktop. But mobile users can take good advantage of it through their Voice Assistant (Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.).

How does Voice Search Work?

Now you will know how Voice Search works. It works like this, when you speak to know about any topic in your Voice Assistant (Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.). So the voice assistant converts the spoken word into text, and analyzes that question. And then Voice Search uses the information from the Featured Snippet. And searches that question in web pages, after getting the information it shows it to the user. But you know that the process of Voice Search is as easy as it looks, it is more complicated. 

The features of Voice Assistant are always changing. As Voice Assist continues to work to provide the best result experience to the user, a certain amount of liquidity is expected.

Voice search is a good way for both the website and the user. If the CTR and Traffic of your website is low then it will be beneficial for your website.

Why Voice Search SEO is Important?

What is Voice Search and how does it function? Now you will get to know why Voice Search is necessary. Because the demand for Voice Search is increasing. If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, this is a great way for you. You can use Voice Search SEO Optimization on your website which increases the ranking of your website, and also improves the user experience.

There is no method for Voice Search SEO Optimization yet. But you can accomplish Voice Search SEO Optimization to your website in some ways.

So some points have been given below for all of you.

Keyword Research for Voice Search SEO

The way you do keyword research to get your blog post ranked. Similarly, Free and Paid Tools will be available to rank in Voice Search as well.

To make Voice Search SEO Optimized, first find the question keywords and use them in your post.

Keywords that are related to a question, you have to use words like “how, what, when, why, where,” in these question related keywords.

Long Keywords – If you want to get your post ranked, you should work with keywords with more than 10 words, we should give it. 

If spoken in one way, there is a complete Sentence. Like How to Download a Picture it is a Long Keyword. Use the keyword of this layer in your post.

Use Short Keywords – Keywords that you often use while talking. Like – “I, the, of the, on the, to, for,” you must use such keywords while completing any paragraph.

Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content

If you have published your post by writing it. So you have to Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content to your post. Because of the post you have written. It will be ranked in Search Engine, so you must update your article.

There are many ways to reimagine and restructure BlogPost. But you have to add some new content and new schema to your blog post. If you use Schema in your blog post, then the ranking of the post is easy.

If you talk about Schema, then in today’s time, your blog post gets to see the most effect from FAQ Schema. That’s why you must use Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) in your blog.

Use Conversational Language for Content

Do you know what Conversational Language is? If you do not know this, then you know the language in which you talk. You call it the Conversational Language. Recently there was an Online Survey according to which 78% of Conversational Language is used in Voice Search.

If you want to make your post Voice Search SEO Optimized. So for this you must use Conversational Words in your post. This is one of the very hidden SEO tricks. 

You should add questions to your post, which people search by talking in common language.

Improve Content Readability

Now you will talk about the most important branch of SEO, which is known as Content Readability. This Content Readability has a very important role in SEO for which you should always keep in mind while writing your posts. Because according to Google’s Latest Algorithm, this Readability Score has a huge contribution in getting any post ranked.

If you want to optimise your blog article for Voice Search SEO, you’ll need to change the Content Readability Score to Green Traffic Light. Because this green light is a symbol. So that your post is passing the ranking factors.

Improve Loading Time of Your Website

As you all know that Google had rolled-out the algorithm some time ago. In which Google has clearly said that the speed of your website should be very good. 

That’s why you must have good speed on your website. This means that the page speed of your website should be 3 seconds.


So, the abovementioned things are essential for you to know if you are looking forward to taking advantage of the amazing feature of voice search.

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