What Should You Know about a cruiser skateboard?

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You know what, skateboards are not perfect for transportation or cruising on rougher type of grounds, due to their tiny and hard wheels. Talking about a Cruiser, it is generally a board that is not purpose constructed for doing tricks, but rather concentrated on the actual act of rolling around, but is not really long enough to get properly known as a longboard.

Whether you think of getting yourself a mini cruiser skateboard or any random skateboard, knowing about it is a good thing. The point is if you are thinking to get yourself a cruiser type of skateboard then this post would get you an idea about what really it is.

What is it?

Cruiser skateboards are specifically designed for travelling and are perfect for your regular commute to school or college. Longboards are generally a longer version of a cruiser, even great for travelling but there are other kinds of genres like freestyle and that of downhill racing that demand or require specific types of longboard. 

In other words, since the name says it all, a cruiser type of skateboard is designed to cruise around tiny to medium distances. Of course if you feel like doing stunts or action with these skateboards, it could be challenging in the beginning but with practice, you can ace it for sure.

Stability and flexibility 

You know what, once you go for cruisers type of skateboards, they get you more stability and that of flexibility than skateboards. Of course, once you ride on them, you would find that you are better in position and you feel that you have the control. You can even find hard surfaces less hard on you with cruiser on your side. Moreover,  the flexibility you get with your cruiser skateboard is also quite impressive.

These types of skateboards are ideal for youngsters and beginners. The short deck  that of below thirty inchesoffer better portability and convenience. You can even carry out a couple of tricks on mini cruisers for sure.However, covering massive distances (more than three km) with mini cruisers is somewhat going to be hard. Many folks use mini cruisers to get some extra speed and flexibility while performing different types of tricks.

Wheel Wells

To offer an additional layer of protection from wheel bites, many cruisers actually come with wheel wells. They can even make your ride saferand give you the additional turning radius you require. Some cruisers even feature rails beneath the deck for a better level of grinding experience. Rails mostly are made from durable plastic that conveniently slides over curbs, that of grind rails, ledges, and even copings.

Penny type of cruisers

These are most likely the most broadly known variation of cruiser skateboards. Penny cruisers are formed up of from lightweight plastic and are that of super easy to take around. Small narrow decks permitpenny cruisers a great turning capability and speed, that makes them famous among kids. The characteristic non-slip waffle toptype of texture provides better level of grip.


So, since you have a good idea about skateboards, make sure that you get a good one. You can check out options in the realm of skateboard for beginners adults and ensure that you have good and effective skateboards.


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